Friday, 24 December 2010

Merry Christmas

It is my 52nd Christmas.  Over the years, I've had various experiences.

The one that always comes at the top is the experience as a kid on the Christmas tree hunt.  All of the ones we ever used in the Bama home were cut.  And yes, I must admit they were from the neighbor's property who likely never knew about it.

This one hour episode always done in the afternoons and with barely an hour or two before dark.  It involved climbing over a fence and finding the right tree.

These weren't the fancy trees that you'd buy today, and I doubt that a guy would pay $5 for such a tree.  The thing was that it did have a real smell to it which most trees don't have today.

You'd lug the tree back across this field to the pick-up and then finally get it to the house.  It was a mess to get into the stand and get level, but eventually things would just work out.

So as you sit around this Christmas.....enjoy these moments.  They are worth remembering.