Sunday, 26 December 2010

My County

The county I live in....Arlington county....has a unique prospective on rules.  Up until last winter...they didn't have a rule on snow removal.  Since the forty-odd inches we had....the county put up an have to clear the city-built sidewalk in front of your house, period.  No exceptions.  They actually can fine you if you don't make an effort.

The county was nice about this....they've actually spent money on snowblowers and created a loan program.  The thing is that they only bought ten blowers and they've already got requests for a minimum of fifty blowers.

For a guy with a 100 foot front space.....a four-inch overnight snowfall could be a major episode to shovel that much snow.  You could be looking at thirty minutes of work.  I suspect the little guys will be happy enough with this.  For the guy with a mega front area and 200 feet of sidewalk....he'll have to put out the money to buy a snow blower.  The curious thing is that folks around here usually had two or three snowfalls a year and this never amounted to much of anything.

The snowblower sales folks are naturally happy.  They've probably got a 1,000 percent increase in sales over the past twelve months.