Wednesday, 23 March 2011

My Honest Opinion on Libya

This is what I privately think.  About six weeks ago as folks sat and watched events unfold in Egypt....a couple of White House power-players sat and discussed what happens next.  There are two topics which probably took place: Libya and Saudi Arabia/Bahrain.

The boys probably sat there a while....without any CIA influence or military analysts.....watching mostly CNN and MSNBC.  The think-tank folks came up and suggested various things.  Our power-players wrote some notes and waited.

Days passed.  Then, all heck broke loose in Libya and to a lesser degree....Saudi Arabia/Bahrain.  Nobody cares much for Tunisia or Egypt.....because there's no oil.  But Libya and Saudi Arabia/Bahrain are different.

So the White House quietly told the Pentagon to watch Libya carefully.  At some point, there's this topic brought up on CNN and MSNBC over a no-fly zone.  The Pentagon guys likely got all nuts over this because you really can't order one from Menu A and two from Menu B.  There is a certain order to military action.  But the guys over at the White House just didn't grasp that part.

So the French started to plan up this help-Libya operation.  Naturally, the Italians and British quickly jumped in as well.  The US?  Well....I suspect the Pentagon really didn't want any part of this mess.  So the boys looked at the calendar and figured to time this start-up with President Obama out of the US.  He couldn't be readily connected to this.  Don't ask me the childish notion of how you think that....but people actually believe it.

Toss in a quick UN resolution, and we got ourselves a 1-star war.  It's against an enemy that Italy probably could fight alone.....if they were really into this, but they aren't.  Egypt could invade Libya and win an all-out war in ten days....if they really felt like it but they didn't.

So here we are.  No generals want to discuss this in public because they don't have the script and have no idea what step will occur next.  The Russians are mocking the Americans.  Some idiot pulled out the President's comments from three years ago and he said no President could declare a war without congress.  Yes, he looks fairly naive but then that's acceptable.

What next?  The Saudis are kinda sitting there and hoping that the riots decrease rapidly.  They really don't need their government to fall.  If it did....and you folks happen to own SUV vehicles.....then you'd best prepare for $5 gas within four weeks.....and $7 gas within six months.  Course, that would really hurt any election in 2012....if you think about it.  So you can't afford collapse in Saudi Arabia/, can you?

Just a humble opinion.

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