Saturday, 11 June 2011

A New Law

This week....Tennessee suddenly got tough.  They passed a law that makes it a state crime...meaning state jail time.....if you "transmit or display an image" online.....causes folks to feel "frighten, intimidated or cause emotional distress".

You could end up in jail for a year (max) or have to pay $2,500 in fines to the state.

What kind of image?  Well....that part wasn't entirely clear.  If you pulled out a picture of a manbearpig (one of South Park's favorite characters....half-man, half-bear, half-pig), that might be enough.  If you had a picture of your neighbor locked in an embrace with Hillary Clinton....that might be enough.  If you had a picture of some school buddy with a wart planted on their nose.....that might be enough.

I pondered over this....even a cartoon drawing of Jesus with bad teeth....could upset some Baptists....and triggering them to get the state court into action.  The image of the President with words attached that aren't what he actually said....would be enough to trigger emotional distress with some folks.

The problem with political folks....they end up with too much time on their hands while in session.  Then they start to create all kinds of laws that just pile up on more laws which aren't enforced, and you got a mess.  For you folks in Tennessee....I kinda feel sorry for may take three years before they vote to undo this one.

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