Friday, 15 July 2011


There is a great article by Gregory Kane today.  I admire his writings.  He's a DC-Baltimore guy and knows the street action fairly well.

Here in DC....we've got huge problems with punk kids....fourteen to nineteen years old....who can assault you in a train station or on the street.  They have no problem in bringing harm to folks.

What Kane writes in such great persuasive for the punks to get "churched-up".  As he points out in his youth....somewhere around 13 or 14....he got pointed off every summer for a couple of weeks of vacation Bible school.  You got this vast lesson in civil behavior and human understanding.  You may have hated everyday....but thirty years still means something.


Yep, dump the punks into a required and mandatory situation.  Make them sit there for six hours a day, five days a week and throughout the summer.  Put up a curfew and make them all return home by 10PM at night.

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