Friday, 12 August 2011

Doctor Walgreen, I Presume

There is this little story out there...mostly in business or economic areas....which the national news probably won't carry.  Walgreens is discussing the idea of offering health insurance.  There's not a lot of description to this....mostly because Walgreens is simply talking right now....nothing else.

So settle back and imagine this picture.  Walgreens offers up six different plans to fit various folks.  They start hiring these guys from various third-world countries who have doctor degrees.  They hire up physician's assistants.  They hire up some fairly smart nurses.

You go and buy package "A"....for a single guy....$699 a year for out-patient care only.  You call up the local Walgreens about a up at 7AM as you drive to work.  You pay $12 as your deductible, and he writes out this great prescription for a Walgreen's discount drug that only costs you $9 for a full ten days of drugs.  If they only have a nurse on problem....a VTC is set up and the nurse checks everything and talks to Doctor Hun from China who sends a prescription over the fax to the local Walgreens for your ailment.

You go and buy package "B" for a family....$999 a year for out-patient care only.  Your deductible is $10.99 total.  Same deal for the prescriptions being discount and cheap.

You want the full-up in-patient and out-patient package?  $499 a month for a single guy.  You have to use one particular hospital in the local area.....but everything gets covered and all your drugs are via Walgreens.

I suspect at the heart of this matter....Walgreens suspects that the President's health care program is to be tossed out by the Supreme Court.  They will waltz into the mess with this five-star program that fits the little guy better than any program in America.  Discounted drugs, cheap policies, a doctor in every Walgreens and an established name.  Within weeks after this....Wal-Mart buys up Walgreens and builds this into a five-star medical cheapo program that would even make Ronald Reagan weep.

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