Thursday, 4 August 2011

Nuking for a Hobby

So here's the deal.  This Swedish guy....Richard Handl....didn't have a lot to keep him busy.  For some reason, he got interested in this idea of running a nuclear power plant....but didn't want to mess around with various rules, state mechanisms, or spend big bucks.

So Richard decided that he'd just build a nuclear reactor in his house.  It was an interesting experience.  He found all the various notes on-line and acquired the pieces necessary.  He even kept a blog on his experiments and how things were working.

Then someone woke and grasped what Richard was doing....and called the cops.  Swedish cops show up and arrest Richard.  Apparently, there laws in Sweden to keep you from doing this in the house.

Swedish law is kinda firm on this......and it could be up to two years in prison for Richard.  The cops won't say nothing....mostly I suspect because they rely on a prosecutor who doesn't understand much of this either and is relying on a college professor or two to advise them.

The fascinating part of this?  Richard ended up spending around $40k of his money to make this happen.  He could have spent the $40k on a lusty woman from Little Rock.  He could have spent the $40k on a all-wheel drive terrain vehicle.  He could have spent the $40k on some political party.  But he had this fascination about having his own personal nuclear reactor.

Adding to this....he is number 38.  That means he's the 38th guy to build his own reactor.  It is a reputation that you can't ever live down....number 38.

So here's what should worry you.  The knowledge he out there and easily obtained by a sixteen year old kid.  They could probably accomplish this for less than $40k.  This by itself....ought to worry you.  We've made technology so dirt-simple....that a major nuclear episode could occur anywhere in America....thanks to Charlie, that kid who mostly hangs out in Dad's garage and just grins when you ask what he's doing.

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