Saturday, 27 August 2011

Simply Observations

It came out today that a federal judge is stepping in....telling prison doctors to go ahead and forcibly medicate Jared Lee Loughner (our Arizona shooter).  The judge was short and to the was protect Loughner from hurting himself.  Loughner's legal wants to halt the medications.  At this point, the guy is sitting out at a federal prison in Springfield, MO and has pretty much gotten a free ticket saying he's mentally unfit to stand trial.  The curious thing was that before this judge stepped in....the appeals court had said that doctors could skip the over a period of three weeks....Loughner got worse and worse.  At one point, he could actually stay awake for 50 consecutive hours and was continually walking in his cell....back and forth.  I paused and pondered over this....there are probably ten thousand Loughners walking around the US currently, and at any of these guys could freak out if he didn't take his meds.  And we seem to be accepting of this ticking time-bomb.

I got into a discussion yesterday with a Marine in my office.  He's a few years short of twenty....done a couple of tours to Afghanistan and Iraq....and has enough severe physical ailments that he just might end up with disability before he ever gets to his twenty years.  The old style Marine had to lug around roughly 75 pounds of total gear (ammo, rifle, backpack, flak jacket, water, and food).  The new style Marine has almost 150 pounds to lug around.  Between back, hip and joint's pretty much a guaranteed thing that a guy will be physically wasted away by age thirty-five.  The human body wasn't made for some guy to continually walk and fight with so much weight.  The curious thing is that the more advanced we get.....the heavier of a load we have to carry.  You'd think it'd be the reverse.

Ron Artest is a fairly well known NBA player.....out on the west coast.  Ron has a lot of worries on his mind.  So he's made this decision up in the last couple of months.....he needs a name change.  So legally, he is working on this effort to change his name to Metta World Peace.  It would have been worked up and finished yesterday.....but Ron apparently had a couple of outstanding traffic tickets, and the judge kinda hinted that name changing won't happen unless you clear those.  So Ron is Ron for at least another week or two.  I pondered over this.  If a guy wanted to change his'd think that he'd pick something with "Luke de Sky", or "Elvis Del Rio Bush", or "Winston York".  Metta World Peace just doesn't ring any bells.  And I hope the future Mrs Peace is ok with her name situation.

Finally, I noted today that the Texas Supreme Court said full speed ahead on collecting a special $5-a-customer tax when folks enter a professional strip club where alcohol is served.  The strip club lawyers failed to convince the state court that it was unconstitutional.  According to press reports.....the state has cleared $15 million so far and and the money is just falling into their pockets without much effort.  I was reading over this and thinking this is so successful.....why don't we have a $5-a-day tax on political folks who make speeches in Texas?  I'd be thinking that we could easily clear the same amount of money as the strip club tax.  The curious thing is that this intention by the state to downsize strip club hasn't worked too well.

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