Friday, 16 September 2011

A German Story

This is what we know.  Out of the woods around Berlin, yesterday walked this English-speaking kid....age between sixteen and eighteen....who claims that he and his dad lived for approximately five years in the wilds of Germany (if such a thing exists).  The kid says his dad died in the woods around two weeks ago and simply told him to walk north....which he did, and he ended up in civilization (Berlin could be classified as such).  And the kid says his name is Ray, but doesn't know much of anything else.  The kid speaks mostly all English and just a little bit of German.

Naturally, it has poked curiosity at Germans.  They can't believe the story.   Frankly, neither can I.  The cops are trying to find out bits and pieces of information from the kid but he's not forthcoming on the deal.   The father and son team mostly slept in a tent or huts that they found out in the woods.

It's the kind of story that you'd develop for a in the wilds of Germany.  But I'm betting odds that the kid is some British kid who made up the story and just showed up in Berlin.

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Anonymous said...

Maybe there is ONE place in all of Germany, where you can get lost for one hour until you walk right into the next village. A moonless night may help.
Greetings from the german "wilderness"