Saturday, 17 September 2011

Just Unemployment Chatter

"You have a lot of kids graduating college, who can't find jobs.  That's what happened in Cairo. That's what happened in Madrid. You don't want those kinds of riots here."

-- Mayor Bloomberg, New York City

I sat and pondered over unemployment this week.  The Bloomberg quote kinda stood out.  I tried to imagine a bunch of college kids acting out what went on in Cairo, and I'm pretty much at a loss to imagine such a scene.  The problem is that jobs do exist in different parts of the's just that the salary level that college kids dream of....might not be available.  So the question is....are they willing to work for thirty thousand dollars, instead of the forty or fifty thousand they've dreamed of?  Are they willing to work as a intern manager of a small mall complex in some town in west Texas?

The Wall Street Journal had an interesting comparison chart this week....unemployment around the world.  So the stat's are in and this is factual numbers.  While the US is sitting there with 9.6 percent unemployment.....Poland is sitting there with 12.1 percent, and Greece has 12.5 percent.  There are various countries with alot worse than what we have.

On the other hand....if you live in've got barely 5.2 unemployment.  Hong Kong?  They sit with 4.4 percent.  Then you come to Monaco....with 0.0 percent unemployment.

Imagine being a pizza start-up enterprise in Monaco?  You need seven full-time and ten part-time employees....and there's a zero percent unemployment situation.  The odds of you finding folks?  It might take four months and you might have to pay a pretty fair wage.

Thailand?  They sit there with 1.1 percent unemployment.  Basically....any guy who raises his hand....can get a job within two weeks.

Then you come to Cuba, with 1.6 percent unemployment.  Imagine the US embargo ended today and three hundred American businesses opened within six months in Cuba.  Where would they even find the folks to work in these new business operations?

The truth to the unemployment situation is that people who are willing to pack and move....will likely find employment.  True, you might have to give up life in California and just accept Georgia accents.  You might have to accept the fact that jobs in New York City are scarce but there's a golden opportunity in North Dakota.

So my advice to Mayor Bloomberg and the wussie college kids who might be suggesting might want to consider what it takes to move 1000 miles to find decent employment.  That's be alot simpler than getting all worked up, burn down some buildings in New York City, and just make yourself look like idiots on TV.  And if you were really desperate for a job.....remember, there's always Azerbaijan with it's .9 percent unemployment.  There might only be two flights a week from the US to Azerbaijan....but it might be the place to find a job.

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