Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Levels of Acceptance

If you've ever been to Europe.....and flown around on discount airlines....then you've flown with Ryanair (the Irish guys).  They generally offer these $40 seats from some airport way out in the middle of nowhere....to some location in Italy or Spain or England.....which is also way out in the middle of nowhere.  You know the waiting lounge because it looks like some bus stop in Topeka, Kansas.....all plastic chairs and some decorations on the wall from 1970.

This week.....Ryanair was caught by the passengers on one flight....from England to Latvia.....fixing a cockpit window, with duct tape.  It was apparently standard practice and no one from the crew acted defensive when they got caught.

I sat and pondered over this.  The truth is that most every guy in America has a roll of duct tape in his work shop, his desk drawer, his truck, and on the tractor.  We won't hestitate to pull out duct tape and use it for just about any repair.  If a guy had a knife injury to this leg....we'd likely pull out the duct tape and even wrap up the wound with it.  There's no limit to one's imagination when it comes to using duct tape.

So I sat over this idea of a plane window having issues.  Yes, I would have accepted the duct tape.  Frankly, that probably should bother folks....that I have that level of acceptance of a jerry-rigged answer or solution.  Here's the other thing that should bother you....there's probably well over one million Americans who also have that level of acceptance.  That ought to worry a whole bunch of you folks. And it says something about our society, and Ryanair.....we aren't terribly fearful of risks.

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