Sunday, 27 November 2011

The Slavery is OK Mentality

It was an odd moment on the Sunday political chat circuit.

Christian Amanpour is talking to former General Powell, and says: "I get your point about heat and light, but what about the fact that, in fact, it is one of the political parties, although -- or rather the big political influence, which is the Tea Party, which quotes left and right the Founding Fathers? They say compromise is a dirty word, and they try to point to the Founding Fathers and the Constitution".

Then General Powell has this odd statement to make about the Tea Party: "They compromised -- the Founding Fathers compromised on slavery. They had to in order to create a country. They compromised on the composition of the Senate, of the House, of the Supreme Court, of a president -- what are the president's powers? Can you imagine more difficult compromises today?  Compromise is how this country was founded, and unless two people in disagreement with each other don't find a way to reach out to one another and make compromises, you don't get a consensus that allows you to move forward.  But the Tea Party point of view of no compromise whatsoever is not a point of view that will eventually produce a presidential candidate who will win".

I sat there for about five minutes in a daze....trying to see some logic here.  The best I can glean from his comments is that slavery was perfectly ok, as long as you were starting out the United States and standing against the King.  The problem with this statement is that most people....when confronted with this logic....would say it's about the most stupid thing that any educated guy could ever say.

Slavery is legit and perfectly start a country up.   But Tea Party folks are perfectly bad for making a stand, no matter what their logic is.  Pretty stupid....if you ask me.

I usually don't say nothing for the Tea Party folks.  I'm kinda neutral.  I don't see their attitude as being negative, but I don't see them accomplishing much in the end.

Then occasionally, some dimwit stands up in the media....claiming think-tank status....saying something pretty stupid.  You get the impression that they simply don't like Tea Party folks under any circumstances.  Sadly, I get that impression with General Powell.  I'm guessing he really doesn't care much for tax reforms or for cutting any government funding.  He wasn't very clear about these parts of the Tea Party.  I'm guessing he probably doesn't want to comment much because he'd look even more stupid than he does currently.

So a lesson into history.  If you had gone to New York or any of the colonies before the Declaration of would have found a vast and strong moral feeling against slavery among the public from the northern colonies.  I would speculate as much as nine-to-one on this issue amongst the voting public (men).  The comical side of this is that the voters didn't really have a say on this issue.  The elected officials sent to represent the state....made the decisions....and simply did what General Powell suggested.  They found various ways to accept slavery....even if their voting public didn't agree with it.

The problem is that years passed, and the voting public reached a point where they simply weren't going to accept this attitude anymore.  Congress and the Senate could have continued to play the current game that we have underway....and it wouldn't have mattered....the public would have sent people to DC to represent their attitude.  1860 elections invoked Tea Party values, and Lincoln came into office with a Tea Party-like order from the public.

Whatever was screwed up in fixed in 1860.  Maybe today's Tea Party merely has to wait eighty years for the right people to be sent to DC, and fix the tax and spend issue we have.  It's a sad suggestion to make.  But if you were General makes perfect sense.

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