Wednesday, 21 December 2011

The Tree

Years ago, in my youth while in the Air Force....some guys over the weekend prior to Christmas had decided to go out and procure a Christmas tree for the barracks.  I figured they would venture down to the BX and pay $20 to buy some small tree on the Boy Scout lot.  I was wrong.

They came back with some "wild" Spruce pine that they had cut down within the base.  It was a nice enough tree, but I kept looking at it and wondering about where they had found the tree.  They'd done this all at night and nothing much was said.

Monday came around, and there was this observation made within Civil Engineering over the weekend.  Some pine tree which had been in front of the wing headquarters....had been removed.  Various folks were upset about this....mostly all senior leadership.

I came back that afternoon to the barracks and viewed the tree.  It was probably the headquarters tree, but you couldn't be sure.  Around the middle of the week....the First Sargent came around for an inspection and viewed the tree. He probably knew it was the tree too....but kept quiet.

The day after Christmas....a couple of the guys took down the tree and removed all evidence.  Nothing was ever said again about the episode.

The comical side of this is that if the tree had been figured out.....people would have gotten disciplinary paperwork and been punished in some fashion.

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