Wednesday, 14 December 2011


Not that it really matters much....but around eighteen months the economic crisis was thrilling Americans and some Congressmen decided to save America with a stimulus package....there was this one little piece of the stimulus....destined for Washington DC.

There's this local company....Fort Myer Construction Corporation....which eventually got around $ spruce up and fix up this nifty park in the middle of Washington DC.  We are talking about an area between one and two acres.  The water fountain was going to be trash cans puts light poles, and fresh new sod.

The park? McPherson Square.  A block or two north of the White House.

Well, yeah, this is the park where the Occupy guys have taken over.

Well, yeah, the sod has been completely destroyed.

Well, yeah, the garbage cans are pretty much trashed up.

Well, yeah, the whole park will have to be renovated from top to bottom when Occupy finally leaves, and it will cost a minimum of $500k to fix.

Well, yeah, it is forbidden by National Park Service rules to camp McPherson Square.  Even homeless people are forbidden from camping out there (they can sleep on the benches, but that's the limit).

Well, yeah, no one from the National Park Service can explain how Occupy got around the rules that usually work for 99-percent of Americans.

Well, yeah, some Republican congressman finally did figure out this mess today and asked the National Park Service to explain how all this came to be.

The sad thing is that you just can't make stuff like this up.

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