Saturday, 15 January 2011

My Ride Today

I rode METRO today.  It's a curious thing....I sat and noted this poster.  Basically...they encourage you not to drink or eat on keep it sanitary.

This week, the local newspapers all carried highlights of the METRO subway drivers who admit (with the bus drivers too) that they pee and crap in the cab and in the tunnels.  They generally blame this on limited breaks and just no bathrooms at hand.  Even some female operators got around to admitting they did the same thing.

I looked at the poster and just kept thinking....they don't want any rats around but they practice highly unsanitary habits on a daily basis?  Something here doesn't make any sense.

Just something I noted while waiting almost thirty minutes for the train to run (they supposedly run every twelve minutes....if you were wondering).  The more time I have to stand around....the more observations I make.