Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Bama Governor

Typically, most of us folks from Bama never get too peppy about our governors.  It's safe to say out of every ten.....eight of them are idiots or folks that you'd really prefer not to mention much in public.  It usually takes six months to a year after they take office....before you start feeling this way.  With our new guy....Robert Bentley....it only took an hour or two after taking office....to get that 'not-too-peppy' feeling about the guy.

He came out quickly in a speech on Monday....announcing that while he plans to be the governor of all Alabamians....thus being totally color-blind.....he also mentioned that folks who aren't ''saved" Christians....aren't his brothers and sisters.

Course, later...he did explain that he didn't intend to insult anyone.  Nope....this was never his intention.  He just wanted folks to know up front and on day one....that they'd need to be "saved" Christians....otherwise, they weren't to be his brothers or sisters.

I sat and pondered over this.  Frankly, the best that most of us from Bama can now say....is that we've got four years to wait this out....before we can dump this guy.  Typically...we got through the first year.....and maybe into the second...before we got this feeling.  So this might take a while, and a bit of patience.

The preacher scheme to run Bama government?  Well....it'll be hard for the newspaper folks to take him serious.  They will ask how jobs will come to Bama, and he'll launch into a Moses-on-the-mount moment where 'God will bring jobs to Bama'.  You can imagine the editor to the Mobile Press-Register standing there and trying to figure out what that truly means.  Then the reporter for the Florence Times will stand up and ask how crime can be contained in Bama....and the response will be that 'God will deliver evil unto the authorities'.  After about a dozen comments like this....most reporters will look around for Miss Alabama to comment on bringing peace to Bama because it'll sound more realistic than whatever the governor says.

My fix for this?  It's time to bring out a couple of actors and finally put on the Bama governor show....an honest-to-God movie.  Let's demonstrate how a couple of newspapers pump up a guy's 'legend', then forget to ask any real questions....and then get everyone to vote for the idiot.  Yes, I'm suggesting to embarrass everyone as much as possible.  This is the only way that folks will realize how stupid they tend to vote.

As for next week in Bama?  It's 'fight-Satan' week and we need all you folks to pray hard for our governor to take on Satan across the entire state.  Naturally....this might mean making the entire state 'dry'.   I'm hoping you can all learn to live in such a good clean Christan environment.  If not....you can always move to Mississippi.  (That was only sarcasm).

The Stand-Up and Count Strategy

This week...the effort in Congress will start over the health care business.  The Republican Congress will pass the repeal in quick fashion.  My guess is that they will carry all of the Republican Congressmen, and maybe even a dozen Democrats.

As it moves to the Senate....it will face a shortage of votes.  My best guess is that it carries all 47 Republican votes and maybe even three Democratic votes....falling short of the 60.

So it never moves past that point.  The entire strategy here?  They know it will fail one way or another....but the effort is to get political figures to vote "no" and to identify them for the 2012 race.  The feeling is that they can use this 'no' vote as a political tool and take down another dozen Democratic Senators.

The potential for this strategy?  The President is being quiet about expenditures for his race but it came out over the weekend that he's preparing to spend almost $1 billion on his re-election....which ought to help the Democratic party and the Congressmen and Senators involved.  The only trouble I see with this suggestion is that 'big' money donations typically come from companies or industry......and they have been mostly negative against him over the past two years.  So the money would have come from the public sector....private citizens.  It's difficult to view this as an achievable result.

The next step after the health care law is preserved?  The Supreme Court.  And based on the increasing number of law suites each month....I'd say the odds keep increasing that bits and pieces of the law will be tossed. Statistically....it'll be difficult to preserve it intact, and without the "all citizens" part of the law.....I'm guessing it's kinda doomed for failure.

Gold Rush

Over the past two weeks...I've really gotten into this Discovery Channel show....Gold Rush.  It was a limited episode show and apparently took off big in public appeal since early December.  It's the simple story of how seven or eight guys....mostly down on their luck....have taken to team up and launch a gold expedition into Alaska.  Up until today, I kinda considered the whole thing to be true.  Well....it's not.

I started to read up on the team and the exploits of the gold expedition.  It's mostly just a storyline that the Discovery crew cooked up, and took these guys to form a crew.  The lives described by the Discovery team?  Mostly all bogus.

I sat there and pondered upon this.  It was a reality show.....advertised and designed to be factual.....but it was mostly all fictional.    I felt like I'd bought a car that was a lemon.  But then I came to realize that I valued TV mostly as entertainment, and the show is pure entertainment.

My most impressed moment?  The carpenter on the crew had come up with a project and erected a "cabin" within two or three days after he'd started it.  I admit....there was no roof, and no insulation....but it was a cabin in the purest of form.  Of course.....now we can readily view the cabin as just an image.....because there were likely three or four guys in the background for Discovery who built the shell, and the actor/carpenter just acted this out.  

I actually thought the cabin was impressive enough as a structure that I would have moved right in and made an effort to ride out a year in it.

So I stand back and mostly ponder over the show now.  It appears that any idiot could have raised his hand...as long as he had personality, and been put on the show.  The mining side to this?  I'm guessing they accidentally did find the $20k that they claim, and maybe that part is the only true segment of the show.  And yes, I will continue through to the last episode....that's how addicted I am.