Tuesday, 1 February 2011

My Quote

I had a fair amount of time today without any real projects.  I came to ponder my logic that I often use.  And I came to label myself as a eternal optimistic pessimist.

In essence: my glass has water in it, so being half empty or half-full does not really matter....because it's got water in it to start with, and continually consumed and refilled (as if by magic or just by stupid luck).

Passive Inactivity

It's a term that I probably hadn't ever used in my life.....passive inactivity.  If you rounded up the entire population of Bama and asked them if they'd ever used the term....I'd bet that you might only find three guys (rocket scientists probably) that admit they've used the term.

This federal judge who put a thumb down on Obamacare yesterday....used the term "passive inactivity".

Basically, it means that without any effort or energy.....if you didn't attempt to do anything....then you fell into this category of passive inactivity.  In this case, the judge more or less admitted that congress had stood up and said that while they did have the authority to regulate things under their commerce power clause....here they were writing up a script for something that would be triggered....even if you did absolutely nothing.  The mandated policy would be in effect, even if you didn't sign for it or attempt to sign for it.

Most of the time, 99.999 percent of the time.....if you were buying a chainsaw, then federal regulations would fall into place and you'd buy a federally approved chainsaw.  But you had to actually buy the chainsaw to feel this wonderfully designed federal feeling.

The same would be true for US Grade A beef.  You'd only get a chance to enjoy the US Grade A beef....if you actually bought it.  If you were a vegetarian.....then you'd miss out on the wonderfully designed federal beef.

The same would be true for milk.  You can only enjoy milk via your local store because you actually bought it.  Otherwise, you'd never know how much effort the government put into ensuring the safety of your milk.

Passive inactivity.  It's a fascinating topic.  I'm guessing where the President attended Harvard Law School, and studied constitutional law......he probably never studied up on passive inactivity.  If he had....he might have grasped the impact of such a concept.

Adding to this mess of passive inactivity....a couple of Republican state legislature guys from South Dakota decided that they could get into passive inactivity.  So they are pushing to require all state residents to buy and own a weapon after age 21.  Yep.....even if you didn't want one....using passive inactivity....they'd force you own a gun.  Same thing.

Pretty soon, you could imagine some idiots in Bama making everyone get a hunting license at 18.....even if they weren't a hunter.  Or you'd require everyone walking into a McDonalds to buy a milkshake.  Or you might say that passive inactivity was ok.....to make folks in New Orleans wear those stupid beads.

Just Some Numbers

Some smart folks went out and did some analysis.  They discovered that forty-five percent of students actually showed no significant gains in learning after two years of college.  Then they came to discover that thirty-six percent showed no significant gains after four years of college.  They added up the hours of study (roughly 12 hours per week, and socializing....85 hours a week).

So as you pay for Carl Junior's education at the state college in Mobile or Jo-Ann's education up at Chattanooga State....you have to question what the heck you are actually paying for.  Then you have to wonder if these idiots standing around after four years to hire Carl Junior with his 4-year degree....maybe that $40k salary level just ain't justified.  If a company actually tested Carl Junior, and he showed only a high school-level knowledge level at age 21 and four years of college.....then that $40k is totally wasted.

Luckily for us....companies aren't that stupid.  And when Carl Junior wants to sit at the table and discuss things he might have learned at college....it might freak him out that his 15 year-old sister knows most all of the incredible things that he knows.

My Neighborhood

Occasionally, you come to realize when the local politicians have reached a point where boredom has set in.  This week...in my neighboring district....Alexandria, VA.....two county councilmen went to work to rewrite a local law where women could breast-feed in public.  In fact....they also want to propose some rules where a private business would be required to provide female employees with breaks and a private room so they could  milk themselves while at work.

I sat there and pondered over this.  Burger King.  Pizza Hut.  Hooters.  Larry's Mufflers.  Toby's Sports Bar.  McDonalds. They'd all have to fit up some room for milking mothers to gather and do their thing.  I can see a small business owner standing there....and wondering who the heck will pay for this and how it could ever be in the top one hundred things that a county council would do.