Monday, 7 February 2011

An OCD Story

There's an interesting story over at the Daily Mail (one of my favorite British newspapers).  It's an article over a OCD individual.  I've worked around enough of these folks that when I notice a news items over OCD....I tend to read it.

In this case....the British cops have arrested an elderly couple and charged them with manslaughter of their daughter.  The jest of this story is that the daughter developed this obsessive compulsive disorder where she spent twenty hours a the shower.

She'd developed this problem.....fearing bugs and bacteria.....and hadn't left the house in eighteen years.

The doctors say she died of dehydration and a skin infection.  The cops don't really buy much of the story from the parents and they think that they could have gotten the government involved, and thus the government would have saved the daughter.  The mother has cancer and she's probably got less than a year to live.  I'm guessing neither parent really cares much to defend themselves from the British prosecutors.

My guess is that the gal would have died eventually....even in government custody.  If you spend twenty hours a day in a've got serious problems.

There are some OCD issues that aren't a big deal and some companies even recruit in some fashion to find these OCD guys for special jobs.  As long as they never make it into's probably a positive thing.  Woe be unto you, if your OCD buddy actually became a division chief.