Wednesday, 16 February 2011

The Few, The Proud, The "Tanners"

There's an interesting article today that appeared.  Sometime shortly, the IRS HR department will begin to recruit and hire Jimmy Joe (or Larry, or Donna May) .   Jimmy Joe will be excited and happy over being fully employed.  He'll eventually show up around at the office and then discover his job in life.....monitoring and handling the tax reporting of 25k tanning salons in America.

Yes, it is part of the ObamaCare medical program and supposed to bring millions into the government.  Why they get picked on and not tattoo parlors, greasy food joints, high school football just dumb luck.  They got picked first and the rest can simply wait for their turn.

I sat and pondered over this bureau or division.  The "tanners"....they will likely refer to themselves as.  I'm guessing morale will be a continual problem.  The chief who takes this division....might stick around for twelve months before he finds better circumstances.  The average stay for a "tanner"?  I'm guessing most move on after three years.  It's not a job where you'd brag about your work or who you took down today.

Corruption in the tanning industry?  Yeah, I'm guessing some folks will start to cheat a bit and report just half the hours or half the income that the government thinks.  Eventually, we might even see some folks who give up on paying for their hour a week....and just buy a cheapo Vietnam-made tanning bed for $199.  Then the "tanners" will start to figure this out and realize their tax game is drying up.  A smart boss in the "tanners" might just keep his mouth shut so that the 81 guys can keep working while they really only have half the 25k tanning operations still functioning.

In a way, it reminds of the revenue folks of the 1930s who got into the anti-still business of the south.  The revenue crowd made a brief name for themselves and the movies.....then kinda disappeared into the sunset.  I believe the "tanners" will do the same.  The positive here?  Eighty-one folks are about to be employed, and for that....we should be grateful for an American republic which stood by the tanning industry for several decades....and then jumped on them for another buck of tax revenue.