Monday, 21 February 2011

My Business Idea

Finally today, I came up with a business idea that can't miss.  I watched the video-clips this weekend of the bused-in folks to Madison, Wisconsin....and came to realize that over the past two years....between the Tea-Party folks and these Union guys....private bus companies have to be making a bizillion dollars (more than a trillion for you folks from Red Bay).

So my idea is simple.  Buy four or five Greyhound buses (classic and upgraded)....and have two companies staged (Union Busing and Big Tea).  The signs on the side of the buses would be removable so when the folks wanted to see pro-union buses....I could cooperate and make things happen.  If folks wanted see pro Tea-Party buses....I'd just flip the bus signs around.

Naturally, I'd hire only Latino drivers who spoke mostly only Spanish and a little bit of English so that there'd be no discussion with Juan and the passengers over politics or public sentiment.  

I'd have plenty of beer on pro-union buses, and plenty of ice tea and soft drinks on the Tea Party buses.  I'd even throw in fresh pizza on the way back from the rally so everyone would be full and sleeping mostly ( added cost on the bill).

I'd have special music to make the union folks happy and patriotic music for the Tea Party folks.  I might even offer up a video or repeats of the Super Bowl which would make both parties very happy (except the New York folks).

I would anticipate, with the help of Fox News, CNN, MSNBC and various radio shows.....that this protest theme will continue through for another decade....which would spell profit for my two bus companies.  The only problem I eventually....someone from Fox News would figure out my scheme and that I was ripping everybody (left and right).  And the truth is....yeah.....thanks to the media and a bunch of folks with nothing to do in the free time....I would take advantage of them.