Friday, 25 February 2011

Just Some Observations

Just some observations of looking around from the porch this morning.

Charlie Sheen?  With his show now finished and his antics widely displayed....I'd say that he's unemployable.  No one is going to touch him with a ten-foot pole.  His bank account?  It'll be depleted within twelve months.  Wild way to end a career.

Julian Assange, the WikiLeaks guy? court order, he's going back to Sweden now to face rape charges.  The humor part of this story yesterday?  His attorney got all pepped up over the way that Sweden runs rape charges.  It's a total and absolutely closed court, with just the lawyers, the accuser, the defendant, and the judge.  Julian's lawyer felt this atmosphere was totally unfair and they needed a transparent and open give Julian his innocence.  If I were Julian....I'd start preparing for a 18-month stay in some Swedish jail.  And he might be shocked that someone else rises up to run his "toy" (WikiLeaks).

The name Gaddafi?  It's interesting to look back over the President's bold comments finally coming....against Libya, but never mentioning Gaddafi.  The word Libya was mentioned at least a dozen times in this Presidential statement.  The name Gaddafi....never once.  Maybe he forget the guy's name.  Maybe there's a rule in the White House never to mention a crazy guys name.  It's just hard to figure why the name never got mentioned.

It's a big thing in Alabama this week...Census numbers came out.   Montgomery, which is the underarm of the state...actually grew by 2.1% over the past ten years.  It now stands around 205k.  Birmingham?  It slipped down and lost 30k folks, and barely sits at 212k folks.  Does this mean that Montgomery is turning a corner and establishing itself as a nicer place?  I would kinda doubt that.

Worrying About Your Place in Life?

There's an article out Mother Jones (the magazine that usually wants you to view things in a different light).

Here's the deal....there are apparently three perceptions in America over wealth.  First, there is the actual wealth distribution in America....which you can see on the first line of the chart.  Eighty percent of America has all of it's "wealth".  The chart was fairly simplified because you really can't get across vast economic points because 98 percent of America are functionally dumb about economics (especially the Harvard and Goldman Sachs guys who bought into the Madoff funding business).

The second line on the chart is what Americans "think" it is on wealth ownership, although I pondered over this for a while and wondered if fifty percent understood wealth beyond the double-wide trailer, the Ford F-150 in the yard, and the $300 Tunica Casino trip planned for April.

Then you come to the third line....where Americans think wealth ownership ought to be.  So the idea of this to suggest that you need to redistribute this order to meet expectations of where Americans think ownership ought to be.  This was also a puzzling moment for pondering.  Americans also think political figures should be honest and legit, but that simply doesn't work.  Americans also think that wrestling is real, but that's simply not true.  And Americans also think trailer-trash is a harsh term to use but they use the word anyway.

Mother Jones would like for folks to visualize a guy's wealth as something they can manipulate and change.   If he had a good idea or just a long strand of luck....then it's not really his ought to be shared.

I'm guessing fifty thousand folks will view the chart and try to imagine this in some positive light.  The truth of the matter is...folks might want to just use this spare time worrying about other folk's wealth....and just put a little extra into their efforts...and they'd slowly crawl up and be part of the next level (more wealthy than the previous level).  In the end....folks might have a bit too much time on their hands to worry about insignificant things.