Monday, 28 February 2011

A Ponzi Government?

Not that it really matters....but Bernie Madoff (the guy who lost billions for his investors, intentionally)....made a comment which got out in today's news: "The whole government is a Ponzi scheme."

He didn't have to elaborate or go into detail because most folks would probably agree with his analysis.  And it probably didn't help the union folks or Democrats in Wisconsin making a statement like that.  The neat thing about Ponzi schemes....after the mess falls that everyone unaffected stands around grinning and talking about how they weren't part of the Ponzi scheme.  If a, county, state, or national....fell apart because of this.....the amount of grinning might be alot less than anticipated...because we were all part of the deal.


I've sat and read through the Wisconsin updates for the weekend....with little actually going on.  Supposedly by tomorrow....the cops are supposed to escort everyone out of the capital building and a cleaning crew is supposed to arrive to clean up an enormous mess (anticipated, but no one can say for sure).

The one interesting idea that I came across in one open up the flood gate and let everyone and anyone form unions. Then you start to negotiate with unions in competition.  An example would be the current teacher's union in one county waking up to realize that another union has stepped in and offering labor at a cheaper price.  Where these teachers would come can only guess.  But the idea is thought-provoking.

You might have two unions bidding on a police contract in one city for 150 cops.  Of course, the cheaper bidder has to be written into state rules where you have no pick the cheaper guy.

I kinda like this idea but then you are opening up the floodgate and allowing a herd of elephants walk through your front yard.  You might fix your problem or you might double it.

Another guy had this idea of having only one union for the entire cop unions, no teacher unions, no clerk unions.  It would force alot of cooperation between different groups.  I didn't really favor this idea too much because it'd be hard to get teachers to sit down and work out issues with cops or firemen.

The good thing?  The news folks have more to talk about....during what would be a typically dry period.