Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Bi-Polar Charlie?

Charlie Sheen bi-polar?  I finally sat there today in a break-room in the Pentagon, and watched about twelve minutes of interview with Sheen in his tirade against CBS and the producers of his show.  By the end of this....knowing that he was probably clean of drugs....it finally came to hit me.  You can have behavior this way, only if you are bi-polar (thus off the meds).  

Can a bi-polar person run a normal life?  Mostly yes....but only with the meds and a lot of stability put into your structure.  Charlie?  No....he's not in a stable environment.  He's got chaos.  He's doing cocaine on a infrequent basis.  And I'm guessing that he's dropped his bi-polar drugs somewhere in the past two months.

Can he be hired by someone in the future?  No.  You can run an independent life and independent career....but if you won't consider meds....you pretty much need to forget about a team atmosphere or production company.  

A Moment to Ponder

Let us imagine and ponder for a moment....as unrest builds in Saudi Arabia....that a massive collapse in the government occurs there by May.  Unrest throughout the Middle East is building and so far....no one is exempt.

Oil prices to soar?  I would imagine $250 a barrel prices are now possible by July if the Saudi government is put into jeopardy.  You might be looking at $7 a gallon gas easily.

Even if the Saudi government pulls out every single policeman and solder....it might not be enough.

Settling the Saudi unrest and bringing in a stable government?  It could take months, and frankly....at $7 a gallon, the US economy would slip back into a recession by December.  Airline tickets would soar.  Delivery costs would double and triple.  No one would be paving roads for a while.  And you might see 4-day a week school programs being normal.

So if you were thinking of a new vehicle.  You just might want to take the bold step of a hybrid at this time....before prices double on the unique vehicles.

The Kennedy Story

In recent days....folks have been reading up on this story of the late Senator Ted Kennedy and his exploits in 1961 as he visited Chile....and had the local embassy there rent a Chilean brothel for one night. This request was apparently honored but kept in secret files which the watchdog group Judicial Watch asked about.

A secondary comment came out of this 1961 visit to Chile....in that the Senator (he was just a state prosecutor at the time)....asked to interview 'the angry young men' of Chile, which naturally included communists and hardcore leftwing folks.

So far....no one has come out to defend or go against the report. Most folks are simply keeping quiet and hope that the news goes by pretty quick.

I sat and pondered over this. I'm of the mind that things tend to get taken out of context and a bit of this report is simply not true.

First, to think that a guy would go and rent an entire brothel for the night....with potentially two dozen women? No. A guy might go and rent one floor or maybe three hookers...but not an entire brothel. I'm guessing that Ted probably just asked for one or two hookers and some peppy state department guy interpreted that to mean an entire brothel (he was the brother of the President, you know). My guess is that Ted arrived and was a bit shocked....thinking he'd only have two gals and this was grossly overdone. Ted probably spent some time with the one or two gals....then spent six hours talking about Boston Red Sox with the other twenty-two women.

Second...as for this request to meet angry young men? I'm thinking he merely asked the idiot at the embassy to hook him up with a couple of college kids over at some university. Around that time....nine out of ten Chilean guys in college were probably a bit radical (thanks to some outstanding leftist professors) and Ted thought he was going to be chatting with some young educated guys. He probably thought he could chat a while on simple politics and found himself with a bunch of hardcore guys who were a bit too much for him. He probably was shocked over their leftist leanings and mostly just sipped on his ice tea and ate around the Shrimp Salad a bit...before making an escape back over to the brothel where the women would comfort him.

Yes, I'm kinda defending Ted because I don't think he was all that bright to start with....and just kinda wandered from one mess to another in his life.

The SUV Mess Continues

As some of you know...I've blogged a couple of times over the Washington DC mess with the SUV business. The new city chief councilman came up a month before taking office and demanded a fully-loaded Lincoln Navigator SUV....which consumed vast numbers of hours in the procurement arena....and ended up with a spare vehicle because the original didn't have the right color combination.  The cost?  Roughly $1,900 each per month on the lease of each.

Well....in the last day or so....things have been added to the fire.

First, someone found this rule that says the city can't lease any vehicle that gets less than twenty-two miles per gallon.  So that kinda screwed up the wishes of the city councilman....but leaves the city still trying to explain the exit to this mess.

But second and even more curiously....everyone has been running around for the past couple of days and demanding that the council make a law or change the rules.....to ensure this doesn't happen again.  Then the idiots pulled out the rules they have on purchasing or leasing city vehicles.

Funny thing....around 2002, they wrote a rule that says only the police or emergency rescue personnel in the DC....can have leased or bought SUVs, period.  Here they were....already thinking of writing up a stupid rule....when they already had the stupid rule.

What triggered this thought of checking the rule-book?  Well....the procurement guys kept telling the folks pressing to get the SUV.....that they needed a piece of paper signed by the city police department.  Over and over, I read that comment last week, and kept thinking....why do the DC police need to give permission?  Now we know.

The city mayor's reaction?  Well....he has a leased SUV as well.  He thinks we need to get to the bottom of this mess.  It's certainly a four-star comment but you have to wonder about the depth of thinking.

So where does this DC mess go next?  I'm pretty sure all of these guys now have to dump their SUVs and they've probably hired a PR firm to think of the best vehicle to suit their image.  I'd be thinking of a Buick but I doubt that they can bring themselves to think of a US vehicle....and they all end up with BMWs.

The Non-Existent Carrot

It was an odd moment yesterday.  The President met up with various state governors in DC....and he let everyone there know that they could run out and design their own independent state alternative to his federal health care program.

Some media folks got excited.....real change....real news.

But you have to stand back and grin at the situation.  First, you have to meet certain goals that are already outlined in the President's plan.  So right off the bat....you are running with one less cylinder on your four-cylinder car.  You have to offer the same coverage and savings as the President's plan.....which kinda limits your imagination right off the bat.

The Presidents quote: "If your state can create a plan that can cover as many people as affordability and comprehensively as the Affordable Care Act does, without increasing the deficit, you can implement that plan and we'll work with you to do it."

Now a bunch of folks are thinking this was pretty nice of the President to offer this up to the governors.  Well....if you read around, you eventually come to discover that some idiot actually put this into the 2,000 page national health care document anyway....allowing any state to propose their own way of handling health care.  The curious thing?  You can't do it....until four years after the President's program goes into effect (2017).

I'm guessing that a couple of guys in the audience sat there and were thinking about this for an hour before their aide spoke to them and outlined the vast number of limits.

So, you've got a guy standing there with a non-existent carrot....trying to entice a bunch of dimwitted governors to get all peppy....over something that cannot and will never happen.  Only in America....could something like this make page one news.