Saturday, 5 March 2011

Coming to Illinois Soon

There are stories that will never make the national press....and I often come to view them as significant.  Up, this Illinois....there is a bill which just floated out of committee and will hit the floor soon as a potential state law.  It will forbid you from using your cell phone or camera to take pictures at an accident (even within 500 feet).

According to the sponsor (Dem State Rep. Tom Holbrook)....amateur photographers are often getting in the way of cops and firemen as they rescue folks.  He intends to put a stop to it.

I looked through various various internet searches to find statistics on this or negative commenting about the tremendous number of amateur photographers taking pictures.  As of yet....I haven't been able to find any numbers to suggest a problem or commentary announcing that issues exist.  I can't even find accident victims talking about this.

It's an odd to stop those people taking pictures but you can't cite any reasons to do so.  Then I looked at the wording....emergency personnel.  If you pulled up to restaurant and there was a confrontation  going on between two policemen and one customer....and then the two cops started jumping on the customer....beating him to the ground, and you took pictures of them in the act.....then they'd arrest you next.  When the cops appear in court....the law would allow the court to toss out evidence that was presented of the cops attacking the guy.

Its a funny thing how people manipulate law to help wannabe cops behave like idiots.  The only person thus still allowed to film an accident or, the victim. That's the funny part about the current writing of the law.