Monday, 7 March 2011

Arlington News

We had a unique event in Arlington around Saturday night....over at the Crystal City Hyatt.  Apparently, some big rap awards episode....occurred.  Around twenty police were called out and had to settle several fights.  The best we can say is that dozens were involved and no one was seriously injured.

The curious thing?  Well....there were a bunch of veterans staying in the hotel for the evening....probably from a Friday night event....lots of old folks as well.  Apparently, they got a full view from the lobby and were fairly entertained from the episode.

The hotel?  I'm guessing they've brought in some analysts are extremely upset about things.  They won't be offering some opportunity for another rapper event....for years to come.

Just Numbers

Some folks at Gallup, the poll organization, decided to ask a totally different type of is your well-being?  Naturally, they went state by state to find out who was really happy about their well-being and who wasn't.

Hawaii, Wyoming, North Dakota and Alaska ended up in the top four of being happy.

West Virginia, Kentucky, Mississippi, and Arkansas ended up as most unhappy about their well-being.

Naturally, this triggered me to ask what kind of questions gets results for stuff like this.

First, there was a life evaluation....asking about present life situations and anticipated life situations (five years into the future).  It was an odd question.  To be honest....most folks in the south probably couldn't give a reliable answer about this because they just don't know what would happen five years in to the future.  A rigged question in some ways?  Yes, I would imagine this works perfect in some parts of the US, but not the south.

Then came this question about emotional health.  How do you feel about your smiling or laugher, learning or doing something interesting, being treated with respect, enjoyment, happiness, worry, sadness, anger, stress and diagnosis of depression?  I can see this relating to well-being but to say this relates to the state that you live in.....might be a pretty long connection.  Might I smile more in Alaska than Kentucky?  I just can't say.  I might smile everywhere....thus making this question null and void.

Then came the question over work environment.  How is your job satisfaction, ability to use your strengths at work, your supervisor, and your trusting environment?  Would this be different state to state?  I'm kinda doubting it.

Then came your physical health.  How about your sick days in the past month, your disease burden, your health problems, your obesity, your well-restedness, daily energy, daily colds or flu?  Again, how would this differ from state to state?

Then we came to health behaviors.  For some reason, they asked about eating healthy, smoking your eating of  fruits and vegetables and exercise frequency.  I would admit....most southern folks eat a fair amount of greasy foods, smoke, and probably only exercise when they operate the chainsaw or mow the grass.

Finally, we came to basic access.  They wanted to know if you had clean water, access to medicine, a safe place to exercise, affordable fruits and vegetables, enough money for food or housing, did you have a doctor, how about a recent dentist visit, and feeling safe in your neighborhood.  I scratched my head over this and wondered how you'd find any difference based on state to state.

I kinda wondered who financed this polling situation and how it'd be used.  I would imagine if you went into rural areas of Hawaii, Alaska or Wyoming....the numbers might be vastly different because what you find in urban areas of those states....are different from the rural areas.  All in all....just another poll that says little to nothing.