Friday, 11 March 2011

Apples and Oranges, in the Real World the midst of discussions on Homeland Security and Islamic terrorists.....Congressman Al Green, a Texas Democrat, decided to stand up and try to reshuffle the debate (defending the Islamic guys to some degree) by suggesting that the Ku Klux Klan should be considered a terrorist organization.

I sat there this morning....pondering over this commentary.

I looked for evidence of the Klan folks having flown planes into buildings....but I have yet to find any examples.

I looked for examples of Klan mass subway bombings....but I have yet to find any examples (other than a couple of church bombings, I will admit).

I looked for examples where a Klan guy walked into a crowd and blew himself up......but I have yet to find any examples of that.

I looked for examples where a Klan guy got on a plane with a bomb in his underwear.....but I have to find any examples of that.

I looked for examples where a Klan guy wanted to be a martyr but I've yet to find an example of that.

Frankly, your typical Klan guy is a high school graduate with a limited view of the world, and mostly wants to blame his issues on a couple of key groups.  If he were a bit violent....he'd have this golden rule of living and not being dragged off to jail.

Putting Klan guys and Islamic terrorists in the same group.....might ought to be examined a bit before you start to repeat this as a practical idea.  I'll admit the Klan aren't the folks you want as neighbors....but they haven't exactly put themselves into a five-star category of bad guys.  Toss in the fact that Klan guys typically live quietly and don't usually get positive media attention....which is a bit odd when you consider that Islamic folks always get a decent media spin and live with their lifestyle in full view.

For the good congressman from Texas....I'd advise him to go back and ask his handlers for a better example to use.  You might even want to use radical environmentalists instead.....just a suggestion.

From My Neighborhood

We have an episode brewing here in DC.  Back in October of last year....the mayor's race was underway.  You had the sitting mayor who had done a decent job but certainly not a four-star job who was running against the top dog on the city council.  The city council guy was trying hard to be seen as a positive influence.  Then you had a couple of other guys who were just third-tier runners in the race.  Amusing had some guy who came out bashing the mayor on a daily basis and got down into the likely neighborhoods where the mayors support was questionable.

Election day came....and the old mayor lost.  The city council guy won by a couple of points and that was it....up until about three weeks ago.

Strange thing....this dude who had been the outsider running and bashing the old mayor during the race?  He'd been picked up by the new incoming mayor to work in the administration.'d stop and ask stupid questions there.  It was a $100k a year job.

Funny thing....a few weeks into this job....the basher dude was fired.

Another funny thing....the basher dude came up and admitted all of this to the public.....went to the TV outlets and got this elevated to a huge level.  The new mayor is shocked and wants 'transparency' in everything....thus saying he's totally innocent and wants to get to the bottom of this.

Another funny thing....there's phone records between the basher and the campaign staff....with text messages indicating shuttling of funds to help in the basher's election race.

This week.....the basher and the Federal Attorney General's office came to admit they are talking between each other.

The new mayor?  He's doing public appearances but I suspect that he's talking to his staff and wondering who will take the fall and how much he has to pay for that fall (hire six relatives maybe?).

It's kinda the way that things run in DC politics.  And the interesting part?  The top four people around the new mayor?  All women....from the Mayor Berry and Williams eras.  Kind of interesting...they were all part of those administrations.

Finally, the Basher?  Well....that's another funny thing.  He has continually bumped against the law but never been in real trouble.  He's the guy who never figured out the best roads in life and got into some stupid episodes.  Just two or three years a security guard....he was putting the moves on some teenage girl whose mom put out a restraining order to stay away.  The guy was over thirty....and the girl was just a teenager.

Yep, I just can't make this stuff up.