Friday, 18 March 2011

Diversity in True Form

Congress will soon be given a 162-page document....on the advice given by the Military Leadership Diversity Commission. If you were wondering....the commission is suggesting that the US military should try hard to appear like the ethnic makeup of America. They are suggesting....more diversity.

Naturally, this would mean a number of things would have to change on the way that the military views educational background, your test scores, criminal records and yes....even your minor or major use of drugs. This list of problems mentioned here....typically limits blacks and Hispanics from entering the service.

Along side these comments....the commission also discussed the problem (a 1994 law) that prevents women from male-only combat units. They cited a number of cases and believe its finally time to include women as direct combat participants.

I sat there a while and pondered over these comments. Curiously, diversity has never won a war.

Diversity never filled a sandbag.

Diversity never charged up a hill with overwhelming odds against you.

Diversity never landed on Normandy Beach, Iowa Jima, or marched via the jungles of Nam, or walked softly on the sands of Iraq.

Diversity never pulled a 24-hour shift in a foxhole waiting for death.

Diversity never jumped out of a C-130 in darkness at 10,000 feet and hoping the right diverse guy packed his chute.

Diversity never engaged Communists, Fascists, or Nazis.

Diversity was never the one called when some country was invaded.

Diversity never grappled with a lack of bullets in a hostile zone.

Diversity never braved 115 degree heat with a 75-pound backpack on, or minus-25 degree cold with a 100-pound backpack on.

Diversity never lived in a sub for 100 days.

Diversity never met up with a POW camp situation.

Diversity never even met an enemy who was diversified.

Diversity never ate MREs for thirty days straight.

Diversity never agreed to die for a country or cause.

In short, diversity is something you chat about in a classroom with a professor who offers opinions on things but never spent a evening in a foxhole. And the sad thing? After you finish up basic and infantry school...then spend a year in would grin and tell the professor that you’ve become awful diverse since joining up as a Marine or Army, and can say “yes, sir” or “no, maam” without any problems.

I can see this moment where you offer up a physical test for a female to accomplish her anticipated tasks in a combat zone (whether a pilot or tank member or whatever)....and if you had the phsyical being to accomplish the get a pass. If you were a 5-foot tall gal with a 100-pound might as well forget about your odds here.

Beyond those points...the diverse guys should concentrate on making all college tenured professor positions, nuclear lab situations, political parties, and police forces as diverse as possible. If you used the same measuring stick with those folks....everyone would be grinning and mostly laughing after sixty seconds.