Thursday, 24 March 2011

To Heal the Unwilling

There is an excellent article over at the German Der Spiegel today.  I won't go into a vast number of details, but it basically lays out that the whole Libya campaign is being run by a coalition of the 'unwilling'.  The Germans hint left and right.....that from the various countries participating....even to some minor degree the one wants to be a willing partner in this episode.

Der Spiegel correctly points out that normally....Gadhafi would be viewed as a bad guy and typically gets lots of folks on some wagon.  For some odd reason....folks want to stand around the wagon, but no one really truly wants to get on the wagon or guide the wagon....even the Italians.

So, after a long bit of finally came to me.

This is typically where the President ought to quietly go to the phone kept in the secret up George Bush....and ask him to report in a pilot bomber leather jacker to a government building, and take charge of the whole situation.

I would assume that Bush is sitting in Texas....waiting for this call.  He knows that no one has any willingness left them....and he is the last of a dying breed of guys willing to make a decision and just accept the guts, glory or screwed-up mess.  The French don't have anyone.  The Germans don't have anyone.  The British lack a guy like this.  The Spanish, the Canadians, the Italians, and even the Danish lack such a guy.  The Russians?  Well....Putin hasn't any issues and would readily give Bush a run for the glory, but Putin doesn't want any press coverage or Nobel Peace Prize labels over his actions.  For's just personal satisfaction.

I'm guessing the White House is sitting....contemplating the situation and if the Bush-option is really the best to use.  They will run the numbers....ask MSNBC if they can quickly run up the anti-Bush flag if necessary.....and prepare for this monumental moment when Bush is called back into action.  I'm sure Spiegel is preparing a anti-Bush campaign to turn loose....once the war is in a favorable status within the press.  You need a guy like Bush.....for occasions like this.

In the Real World

In recent days....because of Libya....some folks have quietly stood up and made the comment that the President ought to give up his Nobel Peace Prize.  They've made the comment in various media markets (TV, newspaper, and blogs).

Today, the White House finally decided that the President needed to stand up and defend his NPP (Nobel Peace Prize for short).  He certainly did not see Americans jumping onto this 'dump-the NPP' situation.  Americans stand against dictators left and we just don't want people butchered.

Then he laid down the law because he got the NPP mostly because he had to deal with two wars already going on (Iraq and Afghanistan).  Speaking from El Salvador on his Latin America visit....he reassured folks that it's strictly the work of the UN at hand now....because they signed all the paperwork.  Most folks from El Salvador just looked on and clapped because they never had Bush to ever visit in his eight years.

My thinking?  Well.....if he'd such a swell job with two wars and a NPP.....if this were like poker, then you'd double up.  So my suggestion is to give the President a second NPP.  So far, in the history of the gal or guy has ever taken home two.  I searched the basic rule book and have yet to find any NPP rules to dictate you couldn't win two NPPs.

The selling point of this second NPP is that you consolidate the war business into a start-up situation, then award the NPP....then repeat this over and over.  The gravy to this idea is that you make the pro-war crowd really peppy and happy....then you get the NPP crowd to crown you as a peace-maker and give you the second award which makes the elite peace folks of the world happy.

Naturally, this means that in two years (provided things work well in November 2012).....we repeat this with another war......maybe Cuba (it's got to be mostly a loser of a Libya), and then award another NPP.  With the time left at the tailend of the eight-year Obama period.....we might even be able to get a fourth NPP as a knock-down punch.

Yes, war....peace....NPP.....war....peace....NPP.  It's a great scripted concept and makes perfect sense.