Monday, 28 March 2011

From My Neck of the Woods

Sometimes...when reporters reach a point where the news is just not good enough or interesting enough....they invent new news.  So the Associated Press sat down and wrote some list up.  The significance of the list?  The stress-free communities in America.  Course, they had to be some financial indicators over unemployment, bankruptcies, and foreclosures.  Then you whip this box up and down and out pour the least stressed counties in America.

The curious thing?  My county here....Arlington....was number four.  Out of 3,141 counties in America.....we made number four.  I looked at the top three....two counties from Kansas and one from Nebraska.  So we are in a odd group.  Even after those four....the next six mostly all revolve around Iowa, Nebraska, North Dakota  and South Dakota.

The most stressed communities?  Seven out of the ten are in California....which ought to tell you something.

How does Arlington make it on this list?  A bunch of folks here work for the government in some they haven't experienced downsizing (at least not yet).  If you looked for housing issues....well, if a guy had to move and his house price has decreased.....he just rents it out to cover his bank payment.