Saturday, 2 April 2011

Life in France

So, this is a sad woeful tale.

Out in France....there's this town called Neuville-en-Ferrain.  It's not a big town....maybe 10,000 folks at most.  Folks tend to sip about sports....point out good-looking women....and enjoy the simplicity of life.

Apparently, the mayor in all huffy about a statue....which is of Marianne....the legendary figure of French liberty and life.  She's not an actual live person, and simply represents a strong-bodied French gal.  Most towns in France have a statue somewhere around the town and it's their little bit of patriotism.  The average Marianne statue is seen to the right.

Well, the mayor says that his town's statue of Marianne has too big of breasts, and it's got to go.

I ended up pulling down the Neuville-en-Ferrain version of Marianne (seen to the right).

As the story goes...the mayor finally convinced the town council in the last month or spend around $1,280 to buy a new Neuville-en-Ferrain version of Marianne.

I profess I'm not much of a artist critic and I'm probably not a good judge on too-much or too-little size on a gal's statue.

Folks came around to ask the artist who made the first statue...with the sizable chest displayed, and the only comment that she offered was that she felt big hooters tended to "to symbolise the generosity of the Republic."

I sat and pondered over this.  Most folks don't stand around and get all hot or bothered over statues.  Most folks get upset over how much they cost to buy....rather than the butt size or chest size.  I'm guessing the mayor didn't have much to show for his political activity and needed hooters for folks to discuss rather than his accomplishments.

In the end....folks will now probably suggest that they'd rather have bigger-sized marble gals.....and we actually start a national trend in France....where a bunch of unemployed artists suddenly start making truckloads of lusty big-topped make the nation happy.  Heck, America could use some of that enthusiasm....if you ask me.