Sunday, 3 April 2011

Ten Ways to Lose

In about sixteen months....we go back and vote again for President.  For the most part, I anticipate the President has a race that he can win and ought to win (considering the group who might oppose).  There are ten things that I see though....that could occur and virtually guarantee a loss for this administration.

1.  Keeping Biden on the ticket as VP.  Bluntly, he needs to go and some fresh new joker needs to sit in the chair (yeah, maybe Hillary).

2.  If gas is priced at $5.00 a gallon by October 2012....then the President will have big issues to overcome. Whatever the Saudis have to make sure it stays below $4....they'd best start thinking and planning now.

3.  It'd be best that no other Supreme Court judge comes up between now and November of 2012 to retire.  If we launch back into a Senate-fury over who is capable of doing the job and who is liberal enough to sit....then it'd just hurt the chances of winning more.

4.  If some huge bank failure deal comes back into our line of'd only convince folks that good times are no where near what we thought they were.

5.  It'd be best if the Supreme Court doesn't toss out the Obama-Care medical deal.  If they say it can't stand and carve bits and pieces of it....then most of everything the President has to brag about is gone.

6.  Sit tight on five-star speeches until summer of 2012.  If folks keep getting this impression that you've run out of them.....then this 5-star campaign deal goes back down to a 3-star campaign deal.

7.  If General Petraeus  actually retires this fall, and suddenly appears in Iowa around November to prep up for a'd best start preparing to lose.  Most folks believe everything this guy says and he's like Eisenhower in turbo-mode.

8.  Hope for the most part that this Governor Christie of New Jersey isn't the pick and you have to survive three debates with the guy.  He'd be like Muhammad Ali and Mike Tyson all combined up into one....and your debate skills would finally appear woeful.

9.  Hope that BP doesn't have another Gulf spill.  They'd make you look foolish like the last episode....and you really can't afford that.

10.  Finally, you have to hope that no really gets serious about this birth certificate business and finally starts asking the right questions on the national news.  If someone ever convinces four voters out of ten that you just aren't legit.....then you really will have a serious problem on your hands.

Duke Revisited (Five Years Later)

Around five years ago....out in the Durham area of North Carolina....out near Duke University...there was this stripper who got a call to do a show at a Lacrosse team party. Things went wrong....she was doped up....made accusations...cops got aggressive with a great DA....and then, the whole mess fell apart. The gal involved? Crystal Mangum. The DA was fired, and there are still lawsuits running around and potentially threatening a number of folks and the local town.

Well....last night....Crystal Mangum got back into the news again.

Cops got a phone call to a stabbing....46-year old guy....stabbed in the torso. He's alive. The thing is....Crystal is now charged with the assault...with intent to kill. No bond. Cops think the guy was a boyfriend who got into an argument with Crystal.

After the entire mess fell apart in Durham five years ago....if I had been Crystal...I would have packed up and moved out to some unknown town in the middle of Idaho and just disappeared. That would have been the smartest thing to do. Change your name....get a haircut....enroll in some community college...and just lay low.

Apparently, she wasn't thinking that....stayed on the same trail....and will likely get a fresh court opportunity. This time around? If the boyfriend doesn't change his story....she will likely face at least five to eight years in prison. The only hope is that the boyfriend gets real friendly and you get one final chance. My that your luck just won't run that way.

Mail-Order Bride

I happened upon this Youtube clip a few weeks ago and then discovered around twenty episodes of this Romanian mail-order bride comedy. I have to is a decent comical ten-minute clip. It is fake....should any of you wonder.

This brings up the entire topic of mail-order brides. It's an idea which has taken off into a bold new direction in the past twenty years. Between Russia, the Ukraine, Thailand and a dozen other's an open market now.

A guy could finally stand up and admit he has no social graces....can't get into NASCAR, camping, or walks on the beach...and just go through a on-line catalog to find the right gal. If he wanted someone who actually did know how to cook....had an interest in vacations to Branson....and she wasn't picky about your choice of clothing habits, then this might be the direction to go.

Over on Ramstein when I was there....we had a guy who actually did the episode....brought the Russian wife in...slow-balled her on the Green-Card, and she divorced him about nine months into the marriage. On the other hand, I knew a second guy on base who had picked up on a Brazilian wife....and found the woman of his dreams (she was forty and looked like a Hollywood gal who might be early 30's) she could cook, clean, and was fairly intelligent (something that Brazilian men hate).

In the end, I think mail-order brides have become a normal part of society. We may laugh and make a few jokes about this....but frankly, this dating business is what most guys hate, and we'd just as well prefer some short-cut to the destination.