Sunday, 24 April 2011

It Just Ain't That Simple

On Friday, from Baltimore....we had a video clip which appeared nationally.  I would try to put it up from Google or Youtube, but both would quickly remove it from their access...for various reasons of "ethics".

Basically, it's a down-and-dirty fight where two black girls beat the crap out of a white "girl" in a McDonalds.  The fight went on for two or three minutes and the black girls whooped ass on the poor white "girl".  No one did much of anything.....even from the McDonalds staff.  Some customer comes into play at some point to defend the white "girl" and you get this impression that this was a terrible incident.  Cops are called but miss out on the bulk of the video-taped period.  Most folks at first thought this was a terrible thing where some black girls beat up another white "girl".

So I sat there.....there's something missing from this least as far as I could see.  The whole story isn't readily standing out.

Tonight....we kinda get the remaining pieces.  This white "girl"?'s a trans-gendered gay guy.  What apparently happened is that he went into the women's bathroom and the two black gals took great exception to this episode.  So they whooped her or his ass....and it's hard to figure the ethics to this.

McDonalds management will come down hard on the folks at the franchise.  But the truth is that you don't want a cook or a manager taking physical action in a case like this.  You call the cops and just stand back.  Don't get involved in anything unless it's a fire in the building.

As for the cops involvement now?  They will likely file some charges and the video-clip will be used in court.  This is Baltimore and I doubt that the two black gals will get more than a suspended sentence.

Then we come to the trans-gendered guy/gal.  Bluntly, from state to state, the use of rest-rooms is a hot topic.  Most states don't have laws to cover folks like this.  Folks might even say that they don't want laws to fit special folks like this because they either are male or female....and you need to stay within the lines of normalcy.

For some odd reason, I can understand the hostile nature of the two black ladies, and if I had walked into the bathroom....and this trans-gendered joker was there....I might have done the same thing.  It's hard to say.

The sad thing here....the more we advance....the more complex we make life.