Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Simply Observations

Being from Bama, I know there are often discussions amongst church members that get kinda heated.  Typically, it's over renovation for the church, money issues on church funds, or members accusing each other of not being religious-enough.  This all tends to get folks each other names, accuse each other of having lust in their heart, and at the worst, folks up and quit a church.  Out of the weekend news, there was a Sikh temple meeting in New York City, where knives got drawn and seven guys were arrested in the end.  Apparently, one group wanted to expand out the membership and draw folks in....and the more conservative members just didn't want a bunch of new folks hanging out at the temple.    For those who didn't know....Sikhs tend to carry fair-sized sword on themselves at all settle fights.  My guess is that the judge here will ask the boys to just settle up, and say some apology.  I'm guessing some hurt feelings exist, and this might take a while to sort out.

The International Association of Fire Fighters....typically gives a fair amount of funds to Democratic Senators and win big and support their agenda.  It's not the size of the donation that matters....just that they were always noted at the front of the line., they said Democrats at the national level weren't going to win over the next eighteen they are carving off their money to help win down at the state and local level only.  It wouldn't be a big deal....except some other folks are likely gazing at their philosophy and thinking they 2012 is another big year for Republican wins (maybe not at President, but for Senators and Representatives).  I'm guessing a hundred big strategy guys for the Democrats are sitting there tonight and thinking their battle just got twice as hard.  They really didn't need this type of mess on their hands.  And that billion-dollar bucket that the President has?  He just might need it all for himself.

The former green-jobs Czar for the President, Van Jones, came out over the weekend and said that the Earth ought to have rights.  If you admitted this, then you could start to take folks into court for hurting the Earth.  I sat there and did a pretty long pause.  In a case like this....if I were agreeable to handing out rights, then beer would have rights, bassboats would have rights, septic tanks would have rights, and the American farmer would have rights.  It's difficult to envision how you'd ever convince a bunch dopey political folks to do something like this or even say something agreeable on the topic.  Again, I will remind you that all of the real rights that you on a 3x5 card (front and back).  No, you don't have a right to drivers license, a passport, good medical coverage, a decent chiropractor, or even the right to high-speed internet.  If you simply asked'd realized how bogus all these rights discussions get.

Once you sit around and think about it....there's an awful lot of folks who lived good rich lives without a birth certificate: Socrates, George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, Thomas Jefferson, Robert E. Lee, Moses, Columbus, and Andrew Jackson.  Frankly, they all did fairly well, and some of them were even Presidents.  Folks didn't run around and get 'birthed' at some local hospital or have some notary public stamp them as officially from the Commonwealth of Virginia (not state)....or give them official Greek status (like Plato or Socrates).  We didn't make such a big deal about this with Lincoln or Grant....often overlooking alot of other negatives that were alot bigger (Lincoln's dad probably wasn't Mr Lincoln, but it's best we don't give out these details).  So if the President doesn't have a birth certificate in his just ain't a big deal, and he's in fairly good company.  All things considered.  Oh, and Jesus didn't have a birth certificate either....but we kinda overlooked that fact for the obvious reasons.

Finally, there's this Saudi guy....who was up on the ladder behind Osama bin Laden.....a major player in the leadership chain....who got his name in the news today.  This guy....Abd al-Rahim Hussein Muhammad Abdah al-Nashiri....eventually got caught and detained by the Americans.  This week....WikiLeaks decided to leak some key information on Abdah.....that he was fairly dedicated to jihad.  In fact, he was so dedicated....that he took regular injections to promote impotence and recommended this practice for others.  The sad thing about this whole thing getting into the public....was that Abdah actually admitted that he had to be order to avoid distractions by women.  WikiLeaks actually repeated the quote straight from the CIA....." more time could be spent on jihad – rather than being distracted by women”.  In some ways, you have to admire a guy like this.  But then you have to wonder....where exactly in the Islamic world do you find some goofball doctor who has impotence shots ready to go for it's jihad membership?  Answer?  You don't.  It's mostly some guy named "Gus" who attended Kabul veterinary school and he's got some leftover dog de-worming medication that he simply says it will cut down your interest because he uses an old needle and intentionally jabs you extra hard to make you wish you were impotent.

Just some observations.