Thursday, 28 April 2011

The Future?

Here in the land of infidels.....we've had this evil thing....called the internet.

Iran has spoken out about this for several years.  So this week....the chief of Iranian economic affairs announced that Iran will launch, with the help of Allah, a new Islamic-approved internet.  Naturally, this would rid the world eventually of the current US-developed internet.

All of this is supposed to clean up the mess and bring everybody back into a clean, moral and ethical society.

I tried to imagine this concept.  You'd have a parallel network...probably mostly in Iranian Farsi language, and it'd work like the internet for the most part but cleaned up and mostly monitored by Mullahs.

Mullahs are mostly known for having a sixth grade reading ability and almost no comprehension of world history, math, science, or anything relating to computers or the internet.  They can quote the Koran, but beyond that.....the top hundred Mullahs in Iran would have serious problems in leading a management situation with a Islamic web.

During the first twelve months of such a web....I doubt that more than six pages of information would be formally blessed or allowed to exist on a Islamaweb.

Then we come to the problem of business in the Islamic world using such a device.  Could a ebay-like operation operate?  I would imagine for every hundred ad's submitted for publication....maybe after three months....six ad's might be approved and allowed to appear.   I'm having doubts that help in the success of such a web.

Finally, if I were a true Mullah.....I just might want to ask what can be hidden in the background of various web documents?  These programmer guys can write all kinds of stuff and hid a thousand anti-Islam things into one simple web page.  To say that each page will be pure and without any a bit comical.  I would imagine it'd only take a year for some programmer to be arrested and put to death for inserting a funny comical piece of a Mullah dancing around a birthday cake onto the Islamaweb.

All in all....I don't think I'd worry much about this.....except Iran might have to send a bunch of smart kids off to US universities to get all smart on this technology.  This means they will spend money on education, beer, and American pizza.....and there's certainly nothing wrong with more money being dumped on America.

News in the Comic World

As some of you know....I kinda get into comics....Superman, Batman, Green Lantern, etc.  The storyline always interested me on how Flash saves the day, or how Superman traveled back in time to solve a mystery.

This was announced that in the upcoming episode (#900) of Superman.....that things have deteriorated in the world to such a degree....that Superman gives up his US citizenship.  The weak and flimsy story basically revolves around Superman is having a pretty low stress day and simply drops into an Iranian protest of some type.....nonviolent of course, and involving civil disobedience.  The silly American government wants him to act as an instrument of American national policy.

Superman stands there for a moment, and finally says he just won't work for the US government and then drops the bombshell.....he is a citizen of the universe.  Naturally, this disturbs the leadership of the US government.

Little else is said about this scripted comic, which will be out shortly.

The comical side of that Superman then flies back to Metropolis, puts on his Clark Kent suit and then works as reporter....paying US taxes and likely voting in local elections (probably as a Democrat, but that's to be discussed on another day).

So on one side of the great legend....he pretends to be Clark and still a US citizen, and on the other side....he's the super dude who just plays citizen of the universe.  Yes, this all makes perfect sense.

In the background, I can see Batman standing there....mostly shaking his head.  He'd never be this dopey in public.  I could see Captain America standing in a CNN interview and actually calling Superman an idiot.  And I could even see Wonder Woman thinking everything's cool now because she never was an American citizen and was hoping no one would ever make a big deal out of this.

I'm guessing six issues of this universal citizen thing will go on, and then Superman will meet up with George about this issue, and eventually George will convince Superman to retake the oath and step back in as an American citizen.  That's the only way that it could end.

The Saga Continues

After this birth certificate got released yesterday from the President.....I've waited almost twenty-four hours to let the dust settle and to grasp some things.

First, you have this problem sitting there for over eighteen months....and only now, with Donald Trump on your you decide to fix everything and share your birth certificate?  You release it and almost immediately appear that morning on Oprah's show?  For some reason, this all has a funny smell about it.

Days led into weeks, and then onto months....with millions asking stupid questions over the birth certificate....and only the Donald could make you release it?  For some reason, I'm just not buying much into this.

Second, the minute that the Donald heard that this was released....his reaction?   Good, now onto the college records.  You didn't even get an entire day of relief from this comedy.  And in the months to come as the college story starts to become release them....then the Donald can bring up your medical records.  For some reason, again, I'm just not buying much into this thinking or planning process of this game.

Third, as for the birth certificate being bogus?  People have already started to take it apart and suggest various problems.  Some might might be valid but you just can't tell.  So the argument really doesn't go away as quickly as you'd like.

Frankly, this whole thing is starting to sound like a scripted WWE wrestling grudge match spread out over several years.  I'm expecting Hulk Hogan to appear any second and whoomp on some wussy CNN reporter, or Jake "the Snake" to hog-tie some Fox News reporter.  Yes, I'm just not buying into this script at all.....sadly.