Sunday, 8 May 2011

The Iranian Version of Karl Rove & His Woes

In recent weeks....if you really paid attention to'd be kinda shocked at the way things are going.

First, there's been this effort for a couple of years to suggest this mytical character....called the Hidden Imam about to return.  Mahdi is kinda like Jesus in the Islamic world.  For hundreds of years....he's been discussed.  Legend has it....that Mahdi would stay seven years....well, maybe nine years.....or even nineteen years.  That's the nifty thing about legends....because you really can't be sure of anything.  He'd basically save everyone....Islamic and non-believer.

Strangely enough....the Antichrist is supposed to arrive around the same time....thus making this a 5-star event....if you are really religious in nature.  Naturally, it's written down that Syria would undergo a radical change (yeah, kinda like they have right now).  Yeah, it's written down that there would be this effort to kick out foreigners from middle eastern we have now.

So in Iran....someone has pumped up the Islamic public by producing a video and suggesting this end-of-times is now.  And the Hidden Imam is about to arrive.  Naturally, the Mullahs and Imams in charge now....aren't that happy about this because they have firm control of everything.

So you add the next ingredient.....Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. A couple of his associate are believed to be involved in the production of the video. This week....a couple of Ahmadinejad's associates were labeled as black magic experts....which is expressly forbidden by Iranian law. Who would have thought that you'd have black magic laws in a modern society....but this is Iran.

So there are these spirits (referred to in Iran as Djinns)....and apparently, they got summoned by the Chief of Staff of Ahmadinejad (and twenty-five lesser other folks). This is very upsetting to the Mullahs....mostly because you just don't want spirits and black magic going on.

I sat and pondered over this.  If you had an Iranian Karl Rove....he'd naturally look at the Mullah situation in Iran and say that it was finally time to take them down.  You'd have to be creative and down-right genius about you'd find the legend....and start this documentary episode from scratch.

Somewhere out there....and I'm even thinking the death of bin Laden could be a part of the Iranian master've probably got this young gentleman who is charismatic and has been under wraps for five years.  He's intelligent, very capable of debate, and likely being trained by a dozen very bright Islamic folks who want to bring down the Mullah situation in Iran.

Course, Karl Rove was never accused of black magic or bringing in this little problem might derail things for a while.  But a good Karl Rove....even an Iranian Karl Rove....would never let accusations of black magic take him down.

Your Pocket Change Just Got Less

Nothing much that you'd notice off ABC, NBC, or CBS news.....or your regular newspaper, but Fannie Mae....our beloved national mortgage agency, lost around $8.7 billion in the first quarter and needs federal assistance to cover that.

It is a clear signal that the national economy hasn't truly turned the curve or started any real mending.  Who pays the $8.7 billion?  You.

We are basically covering all the folks who have fix up mortgages that beyond their ability.  Somehow....the system is being dragged along and we haven't cleared any positive point yet.  The remaining three quarters?  Yes, that might be a question worth pondering.  

Not Just a Seat

I've tried to make sense out of this.  There's a company which has devised this theater seat....called the D-Box.  Apparently, it's rigged up to move with actions that you see on the screen.  In fact, it's rigged to give you a two-G force push/shove if necessary.

Their intention is to take a film....blend these movements and make you feel as though you are right there. wouldn't have this in a dramatic piece or a'd likely be a action thriller.  You'd be in a race car, spaceship, or being stomped by some alien dude.

I sat and paused over this article for a while.  To be honest, I'd rather not have this type of seat interferring with the stuff going on with the screen.

It used to be that a good story and good blend of actors were enough. In the last year, I've noticed all this 3D stuff, and now this comes along.  I can't honesty see how this makes anyone more enthusiastic about going to the theater unless you are between the age of sixteen and twenty-five.

And there is this odd thing that I would speculate on.  All of this is run off computers and some gear box on the chair.  I could sit there and see some kid messing around and pushing the button to make all the seats in a theater go to turbo and toss folks a row or two over.  Stranger things have know.