Sunday, 15 May 2011

Ministry of Truth?

Bill Clinton has come out and suggested that there really ought to be a agency where the public can turn to.....and decide if facts are fact.

Basically, his vision is that this agency would put down rumors that start out on the internet.  You'd call these guys up....cite such and such....then hours or days later, they would dispel those rumors or confirm them.  Kind of like a truth committee.

It's a curious thing because Bill also lets you know that it probably shouldn't be a government agency because it might be misused or abused....unlike a private agency (unlike a private agency, wink-wink, that would never be misused or abused).

During the Clinton era....Bill would sit around and toss out these brilliant moments of idealism where he had a thought but kinda knew it'd never go anywhere.

In this case....he's basically stating that some group or agency can rationalize something to tell you the truth.  We are generally confronted with two dozen such moments on a daily basis now....some in the office....some locally....some in the state....and some nationally.  We believe just about anything that CNN, Fox News, or the New York Times puts out.

You can imagine folks waiting in anticipation for the Ministry of Truth to rubber-stamp a story....which at best, might only be half-true.  Then you'd believe it was completely true, but lacked absoluteness.

Who would fund such a project?  That would lead onto some worldwide finance guy who had billions at his disposal to help make the ministry of truth a reality.  His influence on such an organization?  In a comical way....he'd bring truth to the streets of America.  It might not be true truth, but it's some version of truth.

I would speculate....that eventually (using Bill Clinton's thought process)....we'd actually need a second organization.....called the Ministry of Truth over the Ministry of the keep everyone lined up with the truth.  In the end....we'd be just as confused....faced with varying labels of truth.