Friday, 27 May 2011

Stupid Acts of Rich Men

Rich men have always done stupid things to use as benchmarks in their lives and to always use as sales points.

Today, Intrade founder John Delaney died about 180 feet away from the top of Mount Everest.  He would have been number 3,527 on the list to have made it to the top.  Instead....he's just another dead guy who threw aways tens of thousands to have a special status tied to his name.  He started to show signs of major problems about an hour or two before his death....and just wouldn't give up.  It was probably already too late.  So he gets a special status's too dangerous to drag the body they will just pack him under some snow, and he'll be left there as another dead guy on the mountain.

I don't have alot of sympathy for folks like this.  They waste their money to have this status tied to them.  They want the picture of themselves on the mountain....which they blow up and put on their office back home.  They chat about the experience like some mad monkey from Bangkok.

It would have been just as impressive to have said you walked the entire Lewis & Clark route or walked the entire border of Tennessee...and been 100 times safer. If you ask me...a wasted life experience at the end.

The sad thing.....there are three hundred guys lined up at the bottom of the make their trek.  Some will say enough when they make it eighty percent to the top.  It's like some tourist event at a boa constrictor snake pit.  You are simply waiting to see who dies next.  Meanwhile, some guy is sitting in Knoxville....writing up his $70k check to a private company who will tote him to the top next year.  If I were his wife....I'd go ahead and take out a $10 million dollar policy now.

Our Neighborhood Cops

This is what we know. A couple of days ago in DC....we had some guy in a motorized wheelchair who was sipping beer. We don't know how much but there is the feeling that maybe he was on at least the second or third beer of the day. Anyway....cops arrive...and they've decided that they've got a DWI with the wheelchair.

The cops then proceed to toss him to the ground. If you watch carefully....he's bloodied up a good bit.

The after-action situation....well...they put the two cops on office work for a while in hopes of finding the "truth" to the matter.

What is fascinating here? They don't want the camera guy around after they've screwed up. They are mostly wannabe cops who don't think or operate ahead of events. Both will end up working over in Prince George's county, Maryland within six months....that's my feeling.