Monday, 30 May 2011

For the DC Tourist

Down by the Iwa Jima statue in Arlington (by the cemetery)....there is the Dutch "Bell" Memorial.  Of the 500-odd memorials or statues around DC.....this probably near the bottom of the list of "must-see".  From a distance, it will interest you.  As you get near.....the rust stands out.

Whoever sat and designed the "bells"....probably should have studied up on rust and the necessity of maintaining a monument like this.

At the rate of things....I doubt that this monument is still standing in thirty years.

So if you are around the Iwa Jima Memorial and see some rusty-colored tower nearby.....that's the "bells".

The Single-Wide Issue

It has been a number of days since the Bama tornado business, and folks are to the point of establishing their temporary home until the old house is rebuilt.  Down in Cordova....outside of Birmingham about thirty miles....folks woke up this week to a curious episode where single-wide house trailers are forbidden by the town's ordnance.  This all came up because FEMA offered up trailers free to some folks.

The simple side to this.....some years ago....the Mayor, who is still in this regulation put into place which forbid single-wide trailers from being brought in.  You were safe if you were already in town.....or if you were going to bring in a double-wide trailer.  But single-wides were hereby forbidden.

Naturally, some folks are now engaging the town council and they are a bit livid in how this worked out in the end.  So far, the Mayor is not backing down.  

Here lies the problem....which most folks from Bama will engage in and feel some hostility toward the single-wide trailer issue.  In the beginning when single-wides were being bought and delivered in Bama in the 1960s/1970s....there was some landscaping done, with a half-way decent driveway (maybe river-rock...maybe concrete or asphalt).    By the end of the 1970s however....folks started to just plant a single-wide on some property....just dumping it.  There was no thinking or planning....just plant it. 

As time went by.....neighbors and locals began to have this negative attitude about single-wide trailer folks. I'd hate to attach "welfare" to anyone with single-wides....but Bama folks tended to start thinking that way. 

By the mid-1990s.....double-wides began to arrive in Bama....and folks were putting some landscaping efforts into these and made them look "planned".  They would put in a driveway, and plant a few trees.  So eventually, the double-wide crowd was accepted.

So today....much to the amusement of anyone visiting in might bring up this topic of single-wide versus double-wide and find this odd group of people hating one and accepting the other.  The folks in Cordova area likely the same way.  

My guess is that the Mayor will be forced to accept the single-wide FEMA trailers one way or another.....or be forced out.  The problem is that you probably do have folks who want to live on their property for the next two years while they renovate their old house and bring it back to life.  The single-wide trailer makes sense. And if folks start to leave them permanently.....well.....there's not much you can say or do.