Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Simply Observations

Ok, when a psychic calls you up (you being the chief of police or some marshal)....and then they tell you of twenty bodies being buried over in your neck of the woods...what should be your reaction?  Out in Liberty County, Texas.....they took the psychic serious and actually went out to the house in question.  As they started to mess around with these folks....they naturally wanted a search warrant.  Most folks wouldn't just let some cop roam freely over their property unless the judge was involved. The problem now is.....dozens of idiots will be calling up this Sheriff and remarking about their crystal ball.  You can see the next election where some ad appears on TV with the Sheriff bumbling around like Barney Fife....hoping that the gypsy lady can find the missing dog.  It's best never to trust a psychic....unless they are talking about a tall mysterious lusty gal from Nashville.

Somewhere in all this Wiener business going on....there's this ex-porn star (Ginger Lee) who was getting personal Twitter messages from the Representative.  I think it's pretty neat that a political guy gets a chance to meet gals like this and correspond on a regular basis.  Most political folks we have in Bama.....don't ever get a chance to chat with gals like this.  It's mostly trailer trash gals or former college girlfriends.  I'm of the mind that its best that this all came out now.  If we had waited, and he'd gone on to become governor of New York state, then Senator, and then in twelve years....possibly VP for some President....then this could have all came out, with fifty ladies on his Twitter account.  We'd all be standing there...kinda wondering where he got time to chat and meet up with so many ladies.  So's best it all came out now.

I was chatting yesterday with someone who has actually been in the new DOD building under construction in Alexandria, VA.....the Mark Center.  There are lots of issues with the building and I've chatted over this a fair bit.  I asked what the interior was like, and then he commented about the Italian marble.  Apparently, the guys in charge of this....put tons of real imported Italian marble into the bathrooms.  It kinda surprised me because we don't even get that kind of treatment over at the Pentagon.  Then he commented about what will be the eating circumstances.  There's an executive type eating joint....probably around $15 for decent meal....then three or four fast-food places (likely to be a Pizza Hut, McDonalds, etc), and that's it.  When you look beyond the building....there's nothing for two or three blocks.  And it's practically impossible to get out of the building once you park your car in the morning.  Metro buses to take you some place?  Barely planned stops as it stands right now.  A guy might starve after two years of working there because he was so tired of the local eating.

Finally, ABC says the new Katie Couric afternoon talk-show will be just like Oprah.  For some reason, I can hear the CBS news crew laughing in the background.  They heard all kinds of pumped up talk several years ago, and eventually realized that Katie's one and only success was the Today Show.  I suspect in eight months that ABC will come to the same belief.  As for you folks with nothing much to watch in the might want to use that hour for cleaning the garage.