Thursday, 16 June 2011

Simply Observations

I kinda expected it by this week....a Representative Anthony Weiner doll is now for sale ($39).  If you want the Wiener doll with his manliness, then it's $10 more.  I tried to imagine who'd want to buy something like this....but it's mostly serious Republican guys who just want one to go with their Barbie set.

Some school in Massachusetts is in trouble for handing out a survey to 13-year old kids.....asking about their full and lusty bedroom life.  Yeah, the parents weren't informed about the survey until after it came out, which has disturbed a bunch of them.  So the questions covered sexual partners and oral activities.
Plus, there were questions about suicide and drug use.  My guess is that the kids started laughing about halfway through this survey episode, and then commented graphically about the lusty relations they had with the school teachers, the librarians, and the bus drivers.  The survey folks took all this data....and in the months to come, will produce this report that sixty-two percent of American 13-year old kids are having relations with school librarians and teachers, while six percent admit they've done it with the bus driver.  The ladies who work in the school cafeteria will breathe a sigh of relief as they were never mentioned, and their lusty affairs with Johnny Junior were not mentioned in public.  

Finally, after Congress got all up and upset over the President being in Libya and demanded he officially announce "action" and ask permission.....he said that he didn't have troops on the ground there, so he didn't need to ask permission.  Technically, he is correct.  A bunch of think-tank guys will show up on NBC and CNN today to readily agree with this.....and we will all feel better that comment.  So four years from we still lack troops on the ground....we will still likely be fighting some kind of guerrilla war in Libya.  It'll make sense for a year or two, but after three....some idiot will finally figure the game out.