Sunday, 19 June 2011

Our "Smart" Nation

This week....there was this interesting piece in the NY Times.

Basically....there is this group called the Chronicle of Higher Education....which exists in Washington.  They did this study.  A quarter of the state elected representatives in America....7,400 of them....simply do not have a four-year degree.  This bothered these folks greatly.....enough to write about it.

Naturally, they bragged that only 6 percent of congress is in such a bad way.....then told how 72 percent of adult folks over the whole nation....are the same way.

I was in mortal fear of Bama and it's statistics.....that we'd be number one.  But, there were numerous states in front of us....led by Arkansas with 25 percent of its legislature folks in a bad way.

The purpose of this study?  They wanted to impress upon these non-college grads that colleges were being underfunded, and they needed to take more of a personal interest.

I sat and pondered over this. Did we need state legislature folks with degrees that badly?  No.  Most all tax code and real estate laws....are all written by special interest groups.  There's not a single guy in the US House of Representatives or Senate....who writes their own stuff.  The speeches?  They hire guys to write them.  The special lines for the Sunday chat shows?  All written for them, and they get coaching treatment to ensure they can speak the stuff.

Do we really need college degreed folks in politics?  I kinda doubt it.  If I pulled out a forty question test on the Constitution.....most of the guys in DC would fail it.

The sad thing about these results?  There's some guys down in Bama and Mississippi who are likely calling up some wannabe-college (non-official), and asking how much a bachelor degree would cost.  They will eventually agree on $3k.  Some professor-looking guy will come by the next week and evaluate the guy over a four-beer lunch.  At the end....the professor will pull out a form....sign it....and then hand the guy a made-up certificate with a degree with the University of Mark, Luke and John (a Bible-college, naturally).  The guy will talk this up for a month....and let everyone know that he finally got educated.  The sad truth?  He might be as educated as some joker from Harvard who lost $250 billion during the big bank scandal of 2008.