Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Air Travel

I started my vacation back on Friday.  It's a curious bit of traveling.  I got out to the Regan Int'l find my flight 45 minutes late.  Then, they said they had too many they offered up $500 to skip the flight.....which I really couldn't do that.   When they did finally load us.....they then made us sit for forty minutes on the ramp because of a thunderstorm.  I got to Philly about eight minutes before my Germany-flight was to take I assumed that I missed it.

I scooted along the concourse, and fifteen minutes later....finally got to the find the plane was broke.  About 70 minutes later.....they finally agreed that it was capable of running, so we loaded.  Once airborne.....then came an hour of constant ups and downs because of storm activity, which didn't help much.

I have this great hatred of flying.....and you can kinda understand why I feel negative.