Sunday, 26 June 2011

Instructions....for a Bath Mat?

I had to buy a new tub mat.  So I went out to the local Bed & Bath shop....and spent $11.  I came back and opened up the mat, and out popped this 8-item directions for use paper.

I sat there....mostly curious.  Why would you need instructions for a bath mat?

It did advise me to unroll it and lay it flat for 24 hours before using...which made some sense.  They wanted me to fill the tub up a couple of inches and lay it in while covered with water.

What bothered me about this....was the stupid idea that a bath mat now requires instructions.  I noticed when I bought four glasses last year....there were instructions for them.  I bought a $6 pen around December, and it had instructions.

The sad truth is that we've all come to expect instructions.  Heck, if you open Pop Tarts....there are instructions.  If you look at most toilet paper get instructions.

Society has come to the point where we really aren't that modern or technical.  We are treated mostly as idiots.  I'm waiting for the day when you buy a toaster, and it comes with a 20-page instruction manual.