Wednesday, 29 June 2011

We Could Have Been Great

I've kinda noticed over the past month or two....these think tank guys who want to bring America "back to greatness".  So I thought I'd offer up my ten suggestions:

1.  End cable news.  To be honest, we've got a bunch of folks in Texas....worrying about elections in California.  We've got people in Arkansas who can name forty different Representatives, which ought to be impossible.  In effect, we need to dumb folks down to where they were in 1966.

2.  Dump high school education worries back to each state.  If the state folks really care....they will fix their own problems, and not turn this into some national circus show where 300 problems are presented....but no state has more than twenty of them.

3.  Turn the vice-president's office back into some unimportant office.  There shouldn't be more than a million Americans who can readily remember the guy's name.

4.  If you catch a politician lying, cheating, or in corruption....actually send him off to jail.

5.  Require every law enforcement officer in America....down to the wannabe cops in small towns throughout the take monthly drug tests.  If they fail....don't let them stay around.

6.  Mandate that the American tax code can't go beyond 1,000 pages.  If you want to add more....then delete before you add.

7.  Admit you have enough national parks and national forests, and just stop the growth.

8.  Admit that the federal government has no business getting into NCAA bowl business.

9.  Admit that the federal government has no business getting into saving banks, Fannie Mae, cities, states, or such.  If they failed....they really need to fail hard.

10.  Admit that money doesn't ever fix anything that the federal government says is broke.

My guess is that these will come and pass....without much attention.