Thursday, 7 July 2011

Just Observations

Out over the Potomac River and into the wonderful state of Maryland....across from my neck of the woods....they run "blitz cameras".  These are those fancy speed cameras that send you a polite letter and a fine of such & such amount of money for excessive speed.  Yesterday....while the guy was placing the speed camera into place....out of the woods came this guy with a shotgun and a sledgehammer.  He took a whack or two on the window of the vehicle.  The state guy running the camera was uninjured but I'm guessing that he won't be going back out anymore.  Cops got all upset and they did a manhunt for at least six hours.  Naturally, they found nobody.  The general feeling across this region on the cameras is pretty if they were looking for's going to be well over 100k potential folks who might have conducted the attack.

The intelligence folks came out yesterday to announce that our friendly Jihad guys are now serious about implanting bombs in their bodies.....then blow themselves up on the airplane.  Naturally, this would mean a pretty serious search on you as you transited through the entrance of a airport.  Just touching you on the leg won't be enough....they might have squeeze awful damn feel a "lump" there.  You can imagine getting off at your destination....taking off your clothing....and finding sixteen different bruises where the TSA dude just plain thought your belly fat might be a eight pound plastic explosive.  All in all....air travel is looking more and more like a negative experience.

Shockingly enough....this five-star plea deal that Willie Nelson had rigged up for mary-j-u-wanna possession in some podunk town in Texas (actually Sierra Blanca) ended up in the trash.  But it's not because of Willie, or the prosecutor.  Apparently, the judge got all upset that Willie wound up with no punishment at all (Judge Becky Dean-Walker of Sierra Blanca determined this in her own right).  The prosecutor has to be standing and now wondering how to prosecute Willie in a open courtroom.  Willie is likely grinning because he's already got this tune in his head about Judge Becky and Sierra Blanca.  As for Judge Becky?  I'm guessing she's thinking about regional politics or state politics and she wants to be the famous judge who took Willie Nelson down and got herself on TV for a dozen interviews.  As for Sierra Blanca?  Folks are likely sitting around and wondering what it'd feel like to have Willie visit for thirty days....then they go off and smoke some mary-j-u-wanna to feel better about that.

It's taken more than two years, but the Army finally decided that they would prosecute this dimwit Muslim Army psychiatrist, who shot a bunch of folks on Fort Hood in 2009.  Altogether, there are thirteen counts of premeditated murder and thirty-two counts of attempted premeditated murder.  If you were wondering....yes, if convicted, the death penalty will be in effect if convicted.  The odds here?  No one ever accused the guy in the period before the murders of being crazy.  Currently, no one can logically accuse him of being crazy.  You've got various witnesses, who are still alive because he screwed up and didn't kill them.  I'm guessing it'll take about five weeks but this court martial will be fairly clear at the end....the Muslim nut will be convicted and go through a three-year process before they can execute him.

The guy who won a Nobel Peace Prize for talking up how he was going to end both the Afghanistan and Iraq wars.....yesterday kinda hinted that we are planning to stay a bit longer in Iraq.  I'm of the mind....he wasn't talking just two or three more years.  I'm pretty sure the Nobel dudes don't count such things against a winner.  It's the fickleness that mostly counts when you win a Peace Prize, you know.

Can you really say anything important in 140 characters or less?  Yesterday, the President did some kinda townhall meeting with the Tweeter folks....trying to answer with 140 characters or less.  I tried to sit there and imagine Thomas Jefferson in this spot....and he would likely spoken of how beautiful the English language is and would likely cuss out anyone who wanted to limit speech to 140 characters.  Ben Franklin would have been laughing mostly and wondering if this 140 character limit thing was a British invention.