Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Just Observations

The headline makes you kinda curious.....Indianapolis Police Department Email Reveals Bra Sizes of Female Officers.  Then you kinda read into it.  The police department bought customized bullet-proof vests, which required the bra size to make this feel right.  Some piece of email started this as each gal had to state her size. Then when they finally came....the response came from "Larry" (the dude in the receiving department) that these were in and had some number by each of their names (38d for example), and guys put the puzzle together in a minute or two.  Punishment here?  It's public knowledge once it became an email and probably half the department knew the sizes before this got into email format by merely guessing.  What's the big deal?

Everyone in the UK is a big upset deal over the News of the World newspaper and their efforts to hack into various cellphone accounts.  The News of the World published its final edition on Sunday, and now we are left for legal situations to come about.  Here's the thing....which ought to bother folks even more.  It didn't take a genius to break into any of these cellphone accounts.  Some 12-year old kid could have done. There's probably 2,000 folks a day in the UK....who are breaking into your cellphone accounts.  So this bad feeling over the News of the World?  It just ain't that bad when you stand back and look at the vast amount of hacking going on in the world today.

Finally....in political circles....the comment is out that the President is trying to position himself as a centralist....for the political run in 2012.  The problem is that there's over 500 hours of video tape from 2008, 2009 and 2010....showing him otherwise.  Frankly, whoever is advising him to take this position.....might ought to think about all the things already said and documented.  He just isn't centralist.