Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Just Observations

The word got out in Pakistan...the US may halt it's $800 million a year.  So now, the Pakistanis are talking about quitting the fight against the Islamic folks.  I'm pretty sure the upper layers of the US government will more or less nothing....but some folks might come out and ask if they ever had any fight going underway in the first place.  My guess is that half of this money ended up going to a officer's fund somewhere where everybody of a general rank got $50k or some fancy Mercedes as their pay-off for the "fight".

The President admits that that social security payments are now "unsecure" when it comes to the debt ceiling.  It kinda surprised folks today when he commented upon that.  So, if your sole money bag in life is tied to the debt ceiling....then you kinda care a great deal now about fixing this mess.  However, some folks might actually ask how social security got out of the 'locked-box' and in the hands of politicians.  We all had this belief that it was not a toy that any political party could play with.  Obviously, we were wrong.

Money dried up quickly on 1 July in San Jose, California.  The cops cut the hooker-squad as part of their down-sizing.  Well....some folks have now commented that the hookers have come back in vast numbers (I'm puzzled by this report anyway, it's probably the cops trying to generate interest again) San Jose is under siege by hookers.  I'm trying to imagine this scene....hookers everywhere....and no cops around.  You would think the politicians would think of some method of taxing the hookers but they just aren't that smart yet.

Meanwhile, in San Diego....they did figure out how to tax cats.  The idea is hint that cats cause rabies, need to have a vaccination, and while they do all of that....the city wants $25 per kitty.  It has apparently upset a number of folks and probably will never pass (if the kittys have anything to say about this).  It would just be another reason to vacate the state.

Finally, the Tucson shooting suspect...Jared Lee Loughner....has been given the full authority to refuse anti-psychotic medication until his appeal of the treatment prescribed.  Basically, he can stay fresh and unencumbered by mind-altering drugs.  My guess is that the guard staff will ensure at least two guys are always within five feet of his cell now.  I doubt seriously that the guy will ever be convicted.