Thursday, 14 July 2011

Just Observations

There's apparently a new ad out there....from the US Postal Union....which says in basic words that it's the only government department that runs itself without the ad of funding from the US government.  They run off stamps (at least the union says that). This got some congressman all upset and he's demanding they remove the TV ad.  Rep Issa says that the US post office system gets various deals (no taxes, no vehicle registration, and low-rate borrowing rates) they can't claim that they are that special.  I'm kinda wondering why the union even spent money on an ad like's just tossing cash to the wind.

News folks say that all these congressmen and senators may be forced to huddle up at Camp David this weekend with the sort out this debt issue.  This is really not a big huge compound area and once you get past twenty-five've kinda maxed out.  So you can imagine every single senator bringing along his executive helper....the President bringing five or six economic experts along, and there might be fifty or sixty folks sitting in folding chairs....drinking lots of booze, and eating government-funded Pastrami sandwiches.

It won't make the national press....but our local VIP.....Marion Barry....has a son, and the 31-year old son apparently got arrested for some heavy-duty drug dealing.  Some big fight occurred in his DC apartment....cops get called....and there's lots of mary-j-u-wanna and PCP (Angel Dust).  Cops say it's now a felony deal....and it kinda looks like the guy better negotiate with the prosecutor and hope for deal of a year in prison (if so lucky).  The curious thing is that he's got the name be a major player in DC politics.  My guess is that he'll get jailtime....exit to be clean and pure (maybe with religion), and finally enter DC politics.  By 2020....he'll be mayor of DC.  That's how sad a mess we have it in'd have to murder someone to get cross off the political kingpin list.

Some congressmen are calling for a big Rupert Murdoch investigation in the US for getting into folk's own personal cellphone accounts (the UK affair).  The curious thing? They only mention Rupert and his guys.....they don't mention the twenty thousand average hacks a week going on currently by various characters from Florida to California.  It's kinda like standing in the midst of a flock of ducks flying over with an automatic rifle....and the only duck you want to shoot is the one on the ground that is tired, old and just sitting there.

Finally, to jump back into all this debt talk by the President and the "boys" is the curious end.  No matter what happens....taxes are going up.  You can figure that you personally will pay at least $200 more a year....maybe more.  You can figure that all government agencies will be told to haul back their costs....including the Pentagon (figure in 2012 the announcement of some bases in Europe shutting down). Figure that a pretty big dump will occur today on Wall Street (I'm betting 200 points down) before this repair is announced next week and some recovery.  But here's the thing....even if you get a deal on the just means that the government agreed that they could borrow put themselves deeper into a pit.  If you came to your wife and asked her to bust open the cookie jar for $500 in cash and there was $8 there in reality....if you were the President and'd fake yourself out to believe the $8 is really $500.  The Chinese, who own a vast part of the debt....have to be sitting there and just weeping over how big a mistake it was to buy these stupid bonds, and to listen daily to a bunch of Washington dimwits talk about fixing their economy but they won't do it.