Thursday, 21 July 2011

The Age Deal

I rarely watch entertainment interviews.  But this one caught my eye.  Here is one of my favorite character actors....Doug Hutchinson, who played in Lost, and played the hopeless deputy in The Green Mile (Percy Whetmore).

Doug, who is 51 years married some sixteen year old gal (Courtney Stodden).  Courtney is some aspiring country and western singer.

Doug came up and says that he really didn't know she was that young and he tries hard to say that he thought she was eighteen.  Courtney apparently convinced her parents that this marriage to Doug was ok, and they signed off on her marrying up with him.  All things'd be better to have a son-in-law like Doug than some dimwit loser kid who just talked about going to Hollywood (Doug has been there).

I'm sitting there and watching this interview.  First, even I would have felt that she was under 18.  But the curious thing.....I just kinda focused on this gal Courtney the whole time while Doug talked.  She was on meds or some drug the whole time.  She was acting like some doped-up person.

A long lasting marriage?  No.....I would speculate that Courtney will hang around Doug for at least three years.  Doug will introduce her to a couple of Hollywood friends and she'll get this one-time boost on her country-and-western singing talent.  My guess is that she will mostly fail, but become very popular with a number of guys.  Doug will figure this out by 2015, and they will be divorced.  I think Courtney will burn out by age 25 and be in some drug rehab unit at least five times by that point.

This all brings me around to the normal standard of marrying age.  In Bama, you can still get married at sixteen, if the parents consent.  In Mississippi, with age 15.  Georgia (the country, not the state) allows marriage down to fourteen.

American history started in the late 1700s with the standard of around eighteen....then for a long period in the 1800s....went to twenty as the norm.  At some point around the early the south....the standard age started to slip back down to 16 and in Mississippi for a was around 13 years old (with parental consent).

In my first assignment in the Air Force....we had this guy in the barracks who went back home for two weeks and ended up marrying his high school girl friend.  He comes back and it's quickly assessed that his gal was barely sixteen years old.  She actually was barely five foot tall and I doubted that she weighed more than a hundred pounds.  She looked to me like she was thirteen years old.  It may have have lasted as a marriage, but it just invites stares.

In this case?  A fifty-one year old guy?  It might be the best year or two of his life....before she wises up and dumps you.  She'll realize that cleaning the house is an issue.  She'll realize that her cooking skills are zero and has to rely on you (the guy) to cook supper.  She'll realize that adult life has expectations.  And she'll realize that when you say "lights out" at's because you are really tired from work and don't want to party all night.  The funny's always the 50-year old guy marrying the young gal.  You hardly ever have the 50-year old gal marrying the young guy.

Simply Observations

While most of the media is dumping five-star crap upon Rupert Murdock.....there are some odd stories out there now, which lead you to question the bigger picture.  These detectives that various news groups were using to get their info on stories?  These guys were regularly used by crime figures in London just as much...mostly to spy on the cops and give them an inside advantage.  Strangely enough....around a decade ago, it was mostly known (widely known in fact)....that various cops and various members of the media were cocaine addicts.  They each preyed off each other.  One of the closer guys to the Murdock chain?  He actually was suspected of killing his partner (that crime apparently has yet to be solved and the cops show little interest in digging into this guy).  My guess is that if media guys keep digging....they might find dozens of cops were on the take.....dumping info to various newspapers.  And this murder of the girl which triggered this whole anti-Murdock episode?  I'm starting to get this funny smell of corrupt cops on cocaine having little interest in solving the murder....because one of their guys was the culprit.

There was talk from unknown sources today that the President is ready to stand up against the Defense of Marriage allow gays to marry across the nation.  It's kind of a comical way for the hint....because he's ordered the attorney general to fight against the DADT stance by a west coast federal appeals court.  The court said that Don't-Ask-Don't-Tell is to be dumped by the government now.....and the President wants this stopped.  Seems odd that this one rumor would make him look great while the actual action he took....made him look weak and anti-gay.  Which is it?

We had a transgender killing here in DC overnight.  Naturally....some political folks jumped up and said for sure this would be labeled a hate-crime....if they caught the guy or gal.  You'd think that plain old murder charges would be sufficient....but we seem to have anchored our moral compass to some sinking boat and just want to say stupid things to the media.   The real story?  Another murder in DC....not much else.  Didn't matter if he was a he, or she, or "other".

Somebody actually came out and admitted that California State University has 12,019 instructors attached to the school.  Then they admitted in public that they have 12,183 administrators.  Yep, they have just as many instructors   In simple terms.....this would be like a McDonald enterprise admitting they have twelve managers on duty, with twelve burger flippers, or like having twelve topless dancers while having twelve night-club managers on duty.  But here's the thing that you ought to really think about.....only five out of ten instructors are actually teaching two to three classes a week. The other half might have one class....or have no classes at all because they are writing a book on why bears like honey.  So then you realize that you are paying $80k for Johnny Junior's education while three-quarters of the university's payroll is for folks with no importance.  Johnny Junior would figure this out in two weeks.....even if he was guzzling on a case of beer a day.

Finally, federal cops in DC came around to arrest this Pakistani guy here for a funny violation.  He was living in the US for years and years.  He was hired up by the Pakistani secretly lobby for them....paying US congressmen and senators various election campaign funding and never announced himself as an official lobbyist.  Course, if he had....they still would have taken the money.....and it would have been all legal.  The thing is.....he's mostly there to convince your dimwit congressman to give millions to Pakistan.  So, your guy.....ole Uncle Tubby.....writes up a farm bill....that notes a million here and a million there to help with Pakistani farms.  Not that you'd ever notice.....because your guy knows how to hide the money.  Why'd the cops arrest the guy?  I'm thinking that some congressman finally began to realize who the guy really was and just got worried that Fox News would figure the entire story. one will dig into this and figure out the whole thing now.  Don't you think?