Sunday, 24 July 2011

Painted Mules

Several years ago, I vacationed up in Denmark and noticed those life-sized cow statues.....painted in odd colors.  It was an art project that people picked up on and kids were fascinated by it.  So you had painted cows everywhere.

Then about five years ago....I noticed in Kaiserslatuern....they did the same thing with fish.  You had a three foot by five foot fiberglass fish that folks painted.  At one point, there must have been forty of these around the town.

So it's come to pass in Jasper, Alabama....they've come up with fiberglass mules....which folks paint.  Each mule has a name, and there's usually a couple of artists involved in each one.

The thing about folks from that they notice something like this....a painted mule by some someone else.....then they get the itch to buy an unpainted mule.....toss on their own artwork....and put it up in their own yard.  I'm just taking a guess here, but I would imagine over a thousand mules around the state by spring of next year, and maybe five thousand by the end of 2012.

Not that Bama folks are tied up to artwork.....but they tend to get stuck on statues, if the price is right.  So I will predict some guys are sitting in a garage right now....forming up a dozen statues each night in some mold, and selling them at flea markets for $200 ($100 profit) very shortly.  We will all have a laugh, then notice our neighbor has one.....and get the itch.  Painted mules, who would have thought of such an idea?